Wise words and our passion for Owls

For some time, a disused barn near the Lancashire/Yorkshire border has been a favoured haunt for a few nesting owls and a perfect place for nature lovers to wait discreetly in the hope of clicking the shutter to capture pictures of owls in one of their favourite places.

Then the inevitable happened. The old barn was purchased, and plans were submitted to convert the stone building into modern accommodation. Even if the new owners wanted to give the owls a rent-free resting space the disruption during reconstruction would have been too much during the nesting period.

Logic Wealth Planning to the rescue 

Our team of independent financial experts at Heywood are far more accustomed to helping savers, not saving wildlife. But when we heard this story there was only one course of action – to build for the future and help owls flourish for the generation to enjoy.

A chat with Yianni Theodorou (Managing Director) resulted in a plan. We spoke to The Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester. They are described as a “feet on the ground” charity that provides owl conservation support throughout the UK.

With their advice, Logic Wealth Planning funded a bespoke nesting box which has been installed not far from the original site.

We are now awaiting the parent owls, and they will hopefully make it their home during the breeding season.

The photos of the single owl (with captured food, below) and the three owlets (top) were taken near to the barn before conversion work began.

How can Logic Wealth Planning help you?  

Logic Wealth Planning works hard to support conservation, charities and community groups especially where not-for-profit organisations are involved.  

If you’d like some help with pensions, investments, estate planning or other aspects of financial planning, we’re here to help.

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