Asking the right questions

First you’ve got to know where you’re going. Only then can you plan how to get there. We ask questions, listen and try to understand what you really want from life and retirement. It’s a relaxed approach to get you thinking about your current situation and how you want to move forward.

It never begins with money. We look at wealth planning from a wholly different angle. We begin as life planners, then offer a friendly face, someone to sit down with and chat about hopes, goals and aspirations. Putting people at ease is central to what we do.

Building up a picture

Jotting down income and expenditure is only a small part of being able to plan your life ahead. There are so many details to consider, many of them personal and emotional. Much will depend upon your stage of life, family considerations and your career or business plan.

With a more complete picture in place, we can talk about pension and wealth planning, mortgages, perhaps equity release, wills and care fees, or financial and succession planning for business owners. It’s a complex mix. Better information helps make measured decisions.

Creating your wish list

Everyone has a wish list, things you have always wanted to do and accomplish. That could involve family goals, a desire to return to education, build a dream home, volunteer for a charity, travel the world or develop a business empire to pass on to your children.

Whatever you hope to achieve, we’re here to keep you grounded. Our impartial advice and planning services will match your earnings, savings and investments to the items you’d like to tick off that list. We want you to enjoy your working life and retirement years in comfort.