We’re taking a break!

Our office will be closed from Thurs 23Dec 2021 at 5pm, reopening Tues 04Jan 2022 at 9am. If you need us urgently during this time please leave a message on 0808 1234 321 and we’ll get back to you. Wishing you and your family a happy, relaxing and peaceful break. With best wishes from the […]  Continue reading

Important information for our clients

In view of the recent changes implemented by the government in relation to the Omicron variant, we think it’s likely that some of our clients may now feel reluctant or anxious about the idea of visiting us here in the office. In line with recommended guidelines we’d like to stress that we remain open and […]  Continue reading

Pensions: Experts say £10,900 annual income needed to retire

A single person will need an annual income of £10,900 for a minimum standard of living in retirement, academics have estimated. That budget increases to £16,700 for a couple, the calculations for The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) suggest. For the first time in the assessment, Netflix subscriptions and items such as haircuts are included. […]  Continue reading

Warning – Pension scamming is on the up

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has revealed that over £2m was lost to pension scammers in the first five months of 2021. The average amount lost so far in 2021 is £50,949, compared to £23,689 in 2020. The FCA research shows that pension holders were nine times more likely to accept ‘advice’ from someone online […]  Continue reading

Financial advice and wellbeing go hand in hand

According to a recent study**, those who take financial advice are four times more likely than those without, to have high levels of financial wellbeing. The study also revealed that the average advised client accumulated almost three times more pension savings (£246,000), compared to non-advised people (£95,000). Advised clients also accumulated total non-pension savings of […]  Continue reading

How much do you know about basic bank accounts?

Those with a poor credit score can struggle to find a bank which will offer them an account. The solution is to open a BASIC bank account (operated by many banks) and as the name suggests, these accounts offer a place for you to store your money and pay bills from, though they don’t come […]  Continue reading

What does the role of a Financial Adviser entail, and how can they help you grow your money?

Financial advisers help people with their long-term financial planning, including investments, pensions and annuities. Some will also help people with life assurance and mortgages. They may also help in specialist areas like inheritance tax planning, estate planning or ethical investing. People will often go to an adviser either with a specific need (e.g., “I want […]  Continue reading

Best ways to add value to your home

Several months of double-digit house price growth has benefited homeowners looking to sell. However, if you want to boost the asking price of your home even further, it’s important to understand which projects will add the most value once you’ve factored in the cost of the job itself. The most valuable projects Loft conversions can […]  Continue reading

When will you start saving for your Retirement?

Twenty and thirtysomethings Arguably, financial decisions made in early adulthood are more important than any other and the key one is undoubtedly to start saving. While retirement may seem a distant prospect, financial habits formed during these years will ultimately determine whether you enjoy a comfortable retirement or have to work later in life. A […]  Continue reading

Lockdown savings? Should you overpay on your mortgage?

Some families have found it easier to save more than normal during the pandemic, due to reduced outgoings on things like commuting, holidays and entertainment. If you have a mortgage, overpaying is one option worth considering. Benefits of overpaying In a low-rate environment, savings rates are likely to be lower than your mortgage rate, so […]  Continue reading

An introduction to Sustainable and Ethical Investing

If you’re a more conscientious investor you may have growing concerns about exactly where and how your money’s being used. Here’s a useful guide discussing the increased interest in Sustainable and Ethical investing, and highlighting some of the terminology. There’s been a real surge in the number of people who are now choosing this type […]  Continue reading

Stay one step ahead

Protecting against the unexpected isn’t negative thinking, or assuming that the worst might happen. It’s about making sensible provision to ensure that investments and plans will continue running whatever happens in life. That protects you, your family and any assets. But here are some worrying facts: Nearly a third of homeowners (31%) say they would […]  Continue reading

How much do you know about Long Term Care?

In the UK, we’re enjoying an increasingly longer life expectancy as a result of higher living standards and advances in healthcare. While many older people can now expect to live to an advanced age in good health, it is inevitable that a proportion of this group will require additional care as they grow older – […]  Continue reading

Social Media and the younger Investor

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is concerned about the influence social media is having on younger investors, who it believes are taking on significant financial risks. This younger, more diverse group of investors, it said, is highly reliant on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok for investment tips and advice, but lacks […]  Continue reading

‘Secret Accounts’ slow the probate process

The importance of leaving your affairs in order. According to the first Bereavement Index from probate software specialist Exizent#, many people fail to put their financial affairs in order before they die, leaving behind a ‘financial mess’ and a stressful experience for those tasked with administering their estate. The Index revealed that one in seven […]  Continue reading

Mortgage Guarantee Scheme reassures lenders

Launched in April 2021, the government guarantee scheme for 95% loan to value (LTV) mortgages has been welcome news for prospective homebuyers with a 5% deposit. The scheme offers a government ‘guarantee’ on 95% LTV mortgages to encourage cautious lenders to bring back these deals. The guarantee applies to the portion of the loan over […]  Continue reading

Saving for Private Education

The average termly fee for private schools has reached £12,000 (£36,000 annually) for boarders and £5,064 (£15,191 annually) for day pupils, according to the Independent Schools Council** Planning for the future It’s a big decision to privately educate your child; school fees could easily be a family’s largest expense after their home. Starting to save […]  Continue reading

We’re still here to help!

Despite the ongoing restrictions, now extended to 19 July 2021, our business is continuing to operate fully to ensure that we can provide help and assistance to our clients. We’re open Mon to Fri, 9am til 5pm, and we can be contacted on 0808 1234 321 or using For clients who wish to meet […]  Continue reading

Retirement finances: Let us help you take control

Two pieces of research have again highlighted consumer confusion and concerns around pension provision and thereby the necessity for people to take control of their retirement planning. STATE PENSION OVERESTIMATED Firstly, a survey by Which?6 found that three in ten people overestimate their future state pension income, some by almost £50,000 over the course of […]  Continue reading

Planning to retire in 2021?

Whether you had always been planning to retire this year, or COVID-19 has forced your hand, it’s never too late to get organised. We believe that retirement is something to be looked forward to after a lifetime of hard work – so don’t let it be overshadowed by financial concerns. We can help you quantify […]  Continue reading