Achieving real financial empowerment

Traditionally, people might have assessed their financial health by simply checking the balance on their bank account or totalling their amassed level of wealth. In recent years, however, a different measure has emerged which seeks to balance financial stability with emotional wellbeing.  Continue reading

HNWIs cutting pension contributions

Research has highlighted that in an effort to alleviate daily financial pressures, including rising mortgage rates, one third of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) have reduced their pension contributions or intend to do so in the next six months.   Continue reading

IHT goes mainstream

Inheritance Tax (IHT) receipts have been consistently rising, with new data from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) showing takings for the 2022-23 tax year totalled £7.1bn, up a massive £1bn from the previous tax year (£6.1bn 2021-22). According to HMRC, this huge uplift can be attributed in part to ‘a combination of the recent rises in asset values and the government’s decision to maintain the IHT nil rate band thresholds at their 2020 to 2021 levels up to and including 2025 to 2026.’  Continue reading

Striking a balance

While recent financial challenges have taken their toll on everyone’s pockets, it comes as no surprise that parents are putting concerns about their children’s finances above their own, as highlighted in a recent survey of advisers.  Continue reading

Signs of optimism in the global economy

Although the global economy continues to face significant headwinds, statistics released during the first few months of this year have revealed unexpected signs of resilience. This has led economists to begin upgrading growth forecasts, while the World Economic Forum’s latest Chief Economists Outlook reported signs of ‘nascent optimism.’  Continue reading

Taxman on the trail of unpaid IHT

HMRC has set up a new specialist team to target estates of wealthy deceased individuals in order to check whether a greater Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability may have been due than originally calculated by estate executors. This clampdown has seen record amounts of unpaid tax being clawed back by HMRC with levels expected to rise further in the coming years.  Continue reading

A pension – the best (retirement) gift for your child?

With the cost of children’s birthday presents and parties often totalling hundreds of pounds – could there be a better way to provide for your child or grandchild?  Continue reading

Are you a wealth accumulator?

Having your finances in order brings tremendous peace of mind. Financial wellbeing varies from person to person but fundamentally encompasses having security around money, now and in the future, plus knowing what makes us happy, and having money goals in place to achieve this happiness.  Continue reading

Transferring wealth, your way

With the coming years set to see record flows of assets pass down the generations, the thorny issue of wealth transfer has inevitably become an increasingly important financial topic. Seeking professional advice is a crucial step that can ease any inheritance planning anxieties and facilitate the transfer of assets in the way that you want. […]  Continue reading

Land driving surge in UK’s net worth

Recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that the UK’s net worth rose by £1trn in 2021, to total £11.8trn, the largest annual increase on record (9.2%). This rise can be attributed to the increasing value of land, accounting for over 60% of net worth.   Continue reading

Investor confidence returns

A recent survey suggests investors are becoming more confident despite ongoing challenges on the economic front. While this is certainly encouraging, maintaining a long-term outlook and retaining a strong sense of discipline in investment positioning remains a prerequisite for any successful investor.  Continue reading

Digital pound likely this decade

The Treasury and the Bank of England have started consultations on a potential digital pound, or central bank digital currency (CBDC), that could be used by households and businesses instead of cash for everyday payments in-store and online.  Continue reading

Review your resilience

Awareness of the importance of protection has risen since the pandemic and led many to reassess their financial and personal priorities. It’s sensible to review your protection cover once a year and to discuss it with those close to you to make sure it still meets your needs.  Continue reading

Baffled and confused? We speak your language

Financial jargon can be confusing and overwhelming. A new study has revealed that seven in ten UK adults are puzzled by financial jargon.  Continue reading

Bringing clarity to your decision-making

In today’s increasingly complex and challenging world, financial advice to help people navigate through life’s journey is more important than ever; a point vividly highlighted by a new study from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which raises fears over the consequences of a worrying financial ‘advice gap’.  Continue reading

Over 50 and re-joining the workforce? Remember your pension

It’s estimated that the number of people aged 50 to 64 who are economically inactive sits at 3.6 million, which is 300,000 higher than pre-pandemic. There is no doubt that the UK’s economic growth will, in part, be reliant on getting the over-50s back into work, as mentioned in the Budget.  Continue reading

Spring Budget Recap

Jeremy Hunt delivered the Spring Budget on March 15th declaring it “A Budget for Growth.” The fiscal update included a range of new measures, but kicked off with the latest economic projections from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR)  Continue reading

Take advantage of the new tax year

A new tax year has begun and with it comes the chance to start your tax planning early, but why rush when there’s almost a year to go? Here are a few reasons:  Continue reading