Will USA jobs data dent markets?

It’s Podcast time. Take a read, or click the link towards the end of this article to learn more about the major factors affecting global markets, with a focus this week on USA unemployment data…   Continue reading

Lifetime ISAs now more flexible

Lifetime ISAs have been a great way to save and invest for the future since they were introduced. For a short time they are more flexible with a lower withdrawal fee, but don’t rush into taking cash.  Continue reading

All eyes on American numbers

Despite ongoing tensions with China, markets in the USA have remained steady. That could change as GDP figures are expected this week. The very latest financial information podcast from one of our partners, Architas…   Continue reading

The importance of portfolio diversification

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted something many financial advisers have recommended for years – the importance of portfolio diversification!  Continue reading

Big week for the markets

Continued positivity in US markets, encouraging news about vaccine trials, Europe’s €750 billion stimulus package and earnings reports from Microsoft, Tesla and Amazon… it’s all covered in the latest podcast. Read or listen here.  Continue reading

Tentative steps out of lockdown

As the UK takes tentative steps out of lockdown, although there are some bright spots the economy is considerably smaller than it was in February. Our latest weekly round-up of how the financial markets are adapting…   Continue reading

Don’t get caught out with contactless

The switch to a cashless society has gained pace because of the coronavirus pandemic. Using cards helps with hygiene but people should make sure they don’t get caught out with contactless.   Continue reading

Ready for the challenges ahead?

New initiatives, investment in training and support for businesses, the government continues to do its best but warns of tough and challenging times ahead. Are you ready?   Continue reading

Markets remain cautiously confident

The Nasdaq index hit a new record, led by the tech giants, while e-commerce stocks boosted the Chinese market to its best performance in five years. The latest financial round-up with a link to a Podcast by one of our partner’s, Architas…   Continue reading

UK chancellor’s plan for jobs

Still challenges ahead, but the UK chancellor continues to roll out packages to boost the economy, protect and create jobs. Here’s the latest round-up…  Continue reading

Staying invested really works

The coronavirus pandemic has caused panic across financial markets and forced many investors to question how much they leave invested. One of our clients has recently proved that staying invested really works…  Continue reading

Bonds & gold up, stocks slip

Mixed messages from different countries as a range of measures are put in place to boost economies. The latest podcast from one of our partners, Architas, looks at the likely impact on markets this week  Continue reading

Lockdown easing to boost economy

Green shoots and a week of lockdown easing measures that will see the re-opening of pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and more from 4th July feature in this week’s review that signals a real boost for the UK economy.  Continue reading

US figures influence markets

US retail figures for April and how the Federal Reserve can buy bonds have made the news this week, with a range of other topics covered in the latest podcast from one of our partners at Architas. Enjoy…   Continue reading

Britain fighting the virus

Britain and certainly Boris enjoys a good headline and that was certainly delivered this week. Our latest review looks at the important issues as we all assess investments and adjust to the new normal. Take a read…  Continue reading

Will Brexit start to influence markets?

Comments from the US Federal Reserve have influenced investors recently, and focus could also soon shift to Brexit talks. Read about the latest news, or listen to the podcast from the investment team at Architas. We hope you will find very useful… In brief * Jerome Powell, Chair of the Federal Reserve (Fed) said the […]  Continue reading

Avoiding a second peak

More people back in UK shops, transport systems getting busier and some children returning to schools, the latest weekly review looks at the important issues we all face as we try to avoid a second coronavirus peak. Take a read…   Continue reading

Employment boost for equity markets

Light at the end of the tunnel as the US sees better than expected job figures to boost investment markets. Take a read or listen to the latest podcast from the investment team at Architas. We hope you will find very useful…  Continue reading

Together we rise

The latest weekly review includes rousing words from the PM, instruction from the Health Secretary to stick to the rules, plus further stimulus from the European Central Bank. Take a look…   Continue reading

European Council unveils recovery package

A busy week of news & investment developments, so take a read or listen to the latest podcast from the investment team at Architas. We hope you will find very useful…  Continue reading