Make financial planning a priority in 2021

Most will want to put 2020 to the back of their minds, but where money is concerned we should all make financial planning a priority in 2021…  Continue reading

Black swan ready to glide

Extremely rare, a severe economic impact and impossible to predict? Few would argue that Covid has been all that, but some feel that this “black swan” event could have been avoided.  Continue reading

How high can stocks rise?

The last nine months have been frantic but global stocks are recovering. UK markets have been slower to climb, but with vaccines and a Brexit deal on the horizon how high can stocks rise?  Continue reading

Investors have history on their side

If you need some reassurance where money and savings are concerned, it’s always comforting to know that investors have history on their side.  Continue reading

Economic Review

Our latest economic review is intended to provide background to recent developments in investment markets as well as to give an indication of how some key issues could impact in the future.  Continue reading

Let’s get through this together

The UK government wants us to follow simple rules to get through the winter together. Just how much is the ongoing coronavirus situation affecting investments. Our latest review…   Continue reading

Trump vs Biden

The race is on. The debates have begun. But what does the US election mean for investors? The latest Podcast from our partners at Architas takes a look at various scenarios. Have a read or click the link below to listen…   Continue reading

Back to money basics

Sometimes we all need a reboot, a reason to reset things and assess how we live, work and spend. Going back to money basics can help on many levels.  Continue reading

Unusually uncertain times

People struggling to get tested for coronavirus, a cautious Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) and increased restrictions all make the current financial landscape uncertain. Our latest round-up sums it all up…   Continue reading

Time for tough measures

The UK economy is recovering steadily but output remains subdued. Markets continue to rise, but all eyes are on new and proposed Covid restrictions that could hamper growth. Our latest review…   Continue reading

Economic Review

An economic review intended to provide background to recent developments in investment markets as well as to give an indication of how some key issues could impact in the future.  Continue reading

Education, new schemes and tech sell offs

Once again, another major milestone as children returned to school. Nothing unusual in that during “normal circumstances”, but 2020 is proving to be far from normal. Our latest look at factors effecting global markets…   Continue reading

Back to school

Getting children back to school in the UK is seen as a major step in returning life and the wider economy back to normal. It’s all part of our latest weekly round-up that looks how finances are affected by ongoing events…   Continue reading

Review & Outlook

The latest review from our partners at Architas comes from none other than CIO Jaime Arguello. He discusses what’s on the investment radar for the final period of this eventful year.  Continue reading

Know your 2020-21 tax allowances

As 2020 progresses it’s worthwhile knowing exactly what tax allowances and exemptions are available to you. This helps you manage and plan investments.   Continue reading

How soon will economies recover?

The latest Podcast covers a US market returning to pre-Covid highs, while European PMI data disappoints. This week we look forward to possible upward revisions to Q2 GDP growth estimates across the globe. Click the link below to listen…   Continue reading

Lockdowns, quarantine & debt

What a week! As lockdowns, quarantine & debt dominate the news, the markets continue to climb. The latest weekly round-up of how the financial scene could affect your investments…  Continue reading

Financial markets bounce back

For months governments, the media and investors wondered what shape any economic recovery would take. Now the question is why some financial markets bounce back so quickly?  Continue reading

What will the holiday season bring?

Ongoing Covid concerns, a gold sell off, better than expected employment data and the usual quieter trading period during holiday season… it’s all discussed in the latest podcast from Architas.   Continue reading

US jobs data doesn’t disappoint

Investors continue to look at the data, and US jobs results heartened many while a cautious eye is being kept on US-China relations. The latest podcast that keeps you up to date with investment developments across the globe…   Continue reading