What is cashflow planning?

The old adage of ‘fail to plan – plan to fail’ has never been as relevant as it is today. There is now less state support available than ever at key stages of your life, such as retirement, ill health, death and loss of employment. Sometimes we have to plan for the unexpected.

Personal cashflow is fundamental to our sense of financial security and wellbeing. Cashflow modelling gives Logic Wealth Planning a tool for creating and keeping your financial plan on track when the tides and winds of life conspire to blow it off course. Watch our short video on what is cashflow planning?

A financial roadmap

Too many people do not consider the future, and too often focus on short-term cashflows. That might solve immediate issues but could cost you in the longer term. Our task is to prepare your financial roadmap, selecting and combining the investments that support the lifestyle you want.

To sustain any desired lifestyle, simple mathematics dictate that you’ll need enough after-tax income to at least match expenditure over the short, medium and long term. Our lifetime cashflow planning techniques are designed to help you think well into your retirement years.

Achieving financial independence

With a personalised financial report in place, that reflects your income, expenditure and planned spending, you’ll see a clear path towards financial independence – and what needs to be done to make it a reality. Making sure that you are happy with the plans we discuss is a priority.

Cashflow planning takes account of all events that might influence your life along the way. Our financial modelling software factors in historical trends and offers different future economic scenarios to build additional resilience into your plans.

Monitoring and reviews

We don’t stop with a plan, or when agreed recommendations have been actioned. That’s when our long-term partnership with you begins. Your wealth and prosperity is important to us. We’ll monitor and evaluate your investments to help keep you on the right track.

Your goal is to secure a healthy income that allows you and your family to enjoy life well into retirement. Our goal is to ensure that happens for you. We’ll review original plans, and recommend fresh strategies if the economy changes, or your life takes a different path.