Our why

The thing our clients value most has no price. It’s called peace of mind.

All companies, whatever business they’re in, have a culture that’s particular to them. A goal that they pursue, often to the exclusion of almost anything else. It may involve being the biggest in the market, the most profitable or the most admired and at times, customers’ needs can get overlooked. At Logic Wealth Planning, we would consider that an unforgivable mistake because we understand that without our clients a firm like ours doesn’t add up to much.

That’s the reason we created a manifesto we call ‘Our Why’ which lays down what our philosophy and motives need to be with regard to our clients. It covers areas such as making sure we listen as much as we speak, that we take positive steps to reduce stress for clients, and that we relieve clients of the burden of paperwork as much as possible.

‘Our Why’ rests on the simple recognition that we are like our clients. Similar people, with similar needs, wants and aspirations. And similar doubts, fears and concerns. What everyone seeks when dealing with the often confusing issues of family finance, pensions, and investments, is to feel confident.

Confident that things are being dealt with professionally, by qualified people who understand you and your feelings. It’s called peace of mind, and it’s the best thing we can offer our clients.

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