Our Why

The thing our clients value most has no price. It’s called peace of mind. All companies, whatever business they’re in, have a culture that’s particular to them. It’s often a goal they pursue, sometimes to the exclusion of almost anything else.

We are driven by helping people realise hopes and dreams, by giving them the right advice when they need it. We put people at ease so they can make the best decisions for their circumstances. That way, they can enjoy the important things in life.

Peace of mind

What everyone seeks when dealing with the often confusing issues of family finances, pensions, investments and estate planning is to feel confident. They like to be properly informed and equipped to put financial matters in order.

We like to instil confidence, so people feel that things are being dealt with professionally, by qualified people who understand their concerns. Reassurance is one of the best things we can offer our clients to put them in control of their life.

We know how it feels

Everyone at Logic Wealth Planning wants the best for themselves, their friends and family. We’re bothered about people, and that’s the way it should be. We always ask if the service we give would be the kind of service we’d like to receive.

Because we know how it feels to deal with life’s ups and downs, we know it’s great to have someone who listens, and really understands. We like to extend that to our clients, offering empathy and compassion. We think that’s a good starting point.