Sometimes, it’s not obvious what you want to achieve. We think that understanding what you want from life helps you make better financial choices. Our questions enable you to think carefully about the choices you need to make. To us, that’s the logical way to approach things.

Everyone looks forward to retirement, makes plans and thinks about holiday villas and new cars. In reality, you need to work out what you need to achieve those dreams. That’s what we’re here for - logical thinking and sensible advice about money.


Wealth isn’t just about money. We consider your overall health and wellbeing to get a full picture of your life. It determines where you’re at, where you want to be and how you want to achieve it. That is central to how we work.

There is no hard sell. Ever. We’re in it for the long-term, discussing options as things change, and making appropriate recommendations. We’ll make you think, challenge you, but always with the goal of empowering you to control your financial future – on your terms.


We’re all about giving independent wealth planning advice, helping you make intelligent and balanced decisions about your future. We take a holistic approach to your financial planning requirements to ensure that you achieve all of your life goals.

We are diverse, inclusive and determined to offer excellence in everything we do. We start by putting clients at ease. Then we build a relationship, an ongoing financial partnership to support you no matter where life takes you. That's the Logic Wealth Planning way.