Access at your fingertips

Your Personal Finance Portal (PFP) gives you invaluable access to your fund information and financial portfolio, allowing you to view your short, medium and long-term finances, as well as latest transactions, accounts and balances, all at the touch of a button. You can link your bank account and other savings accounts too (optional). You can also set yourself saving and investment goals and monitor your progress against them.

Quick, easy and convenient

Your PFP stores all your financial information in the same place, giving you easy access from your Phone, Tablet, PC or iPad, and enabling you to see everything you need to know at a glance - daily, weekly, monthly or as often as you wish. The choice is yours. This means you don't have to navigate a variety of separate platforms to look at the range of your finances.

Safe and secure

PFP is a secure online hub, and all the information and documents stored inside are accessible only by yourself and your Financial Adviser. It also provides you with a secure messaging service, so you can quickly get in touch with your Financial Adviser. Above all you have peace of mind of knowing that any information shown, shared or stored, is encrypted and completely private, and there is no need to wait for documents or reports to be posted or emailed to you.