A lust for life

Do you have a lust for life? Just because you’re planning to retire from work doesn’t mean you’re planning to retire from life. Keeping busy is great, but nothing’s free. We help you put the right plans in place to properly fund your retirement.

You need a steady income to enjoy retirement, and to pay the bills while you travel or volunteer at local projects. We’ll help you plan and adapt so you can achieve a consistent retirement income and continue doing the things you love.

Investing assets wisely

How you use your income while you work, or during retirement, might need to change. We’re flexible and always looking for opportunities that improve client portfolios. During years when you don’t need to draw an income, we‘ll make sure you target the best returns.

Having pension flexibility means that you can not only enjoy the fruits of your hard-earned pension on your terms, like taking an extra holiday, you can also help others – such as contributing to university or childcare costs, or supporting a charity close to your heart.

Maintaining your lifestyle

Socrates said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” You might say the same about an unplanned retirement. When you enter your retirement years many things change, and the main one could be a drop in income unless you have made adequate provision.

The state pension cannot be relied upon, and should only ever be viewed as a safety net. If you have a part-time job, or you inherit a sum of money from a relative’s estate, careful analysis of your overall situation will ensure you can maintain the lifestyle of your choice.