Hi Ben, It’s great to know that you’re on the case! As I said during our meeting, we are both really happy with the professional and friendly way that you’re dealing with our investments. Looking forward to seeing the investments grow and really glad that you have got our back. Please tell Ashleigh I said thanks!

Mr O - Berkshire

Ben – May I take this opportunity to thank you for all the time you gave to both myself and A, for the thoughtful presentation and the amount of useful information that was forthcoming. It is important to us that we can feel both confident and trustful in both our financial advisor and the company they represent and you have reassured us on both points.
Thank you again.

Mr B - Manchester

Originally Yianni gave me financial advice nearly 30 years ago for a Mortgage. The advice was so good and has been ever since – and here we are all these years later. We were unable to get a mortgage – Yianni found a good one for us. Since then, Yianni has looked after my Pension(s) and the results are far better than average year on year. What could they have done better? That’s a difficult one as I’m not a financial expert. Yianni explains everything clearly and everyone is extremely helpful. Fantastic customer service. There isn’t anything more that I could ask for.

Ms R, Heywood

Gary Banks – You’re a star! Thank you for all your help – we wouldn’t have the house without you, it’s much appreciated.

L&C, Saddleworth

I had a defined benefits pension pot that I wanted to access via drawdown, so needed specialist help and advice of the options and risks involved. Yianni helped by thoroughly explaining the rigid rules and regulations applying to my situation and was open and honest about the pitfalls that may occur. Also explaining the rigorous regulatory checks placed on himself personally and professionally to ensure the correct outcome in my personal circumstances was achieved. He went over and above the level of analysis I was expecting. I am very happy with the outcome which has given me the flexibility and future financial stability I required. Thanks again for the work and attention to detail you put into this Yianni.

BL, Saddleworth

Could not be better – thanks to advice from Logic Wealth Planning I’ve had an excellent return on my investments over the last 10 years.

Mr B, Walshaw

Yianni has been very professional, very knowledgeable and very easy to get on with.

Mr F, Radcliffe

We met Ben for the first time in October and we found him very pleasant, patient and understanding. Full marks for picking him for the job and we look forward to meeting him again!

Mrs C - Littleborough

I asked Yianni for help as I had poorly performing pensions that I had neglected for too long. First of all he provided education about pensions and he helped me consolidate various pensions and put me back on track. I am very grateful that he was recommended to me, he has greatly improved my prospects for a secure financial future. Considering the position I was in previous to meeting Yianni, the outcome to date has by far surpassed my expectations, I am very happy with the service I have received. He has lived up to his statement of integrity, I trust this man implicitly

Mr H, Oldham

Hi Ashleigh, Can I just say that dealing with yourself and Benedict is like seeing the light at the end of a very long tunnel (and I’m pretty sure it’s not a train coming the other way!).

Mr R - Southport