Protecting your lifestyle

If your lifestyle is important to you, it’s probably worth thinking about how to protect it. The foundation of what we do for clients is to plan and work towards a lifestyle they envisage for themselves in the future. That means putting solid building blocks in place.

On the way to that future, it’s important to ensure unexpected events don’t throw you off course and ruin your best laid plans - especially if you are self-employed or run your own business. Our planning and forecasting tools can help to show how your wealth and lifestyle can be protected.

Cover that’s right for you

Executive Income Protection, for example, covers you for accident or illness when you are unable to work. An Income Replacement Policy pays out after a set period of time. This can include salary, national insurance, dividends and company pension contributions.

Death-in-service or Relevant Life cover offer business owners many benefits. The premiums can be paid by the business, while the benefits can be paid to an individual such as a child or spouse. You can also claim tax-relief on Life Cover and Income Protection.

Looking after your assets

Protecting against the unexpected isn’t negative thinking, or assuming that the worst might happen. It’s about making sensible provision to ensure that investments and plans will continue running whatever happens in life. That protects you, your family and any assets.

We are experts at finding the most suitable policies for our clients and arranging them in the most tax-efficient way. To achieve that old favourite of ours, peace of mind, it’s definitely something worth thinking about. As always, we’ll offer you some impartial advice.