Protecting your business

Background P&W Shipping Services Limited is a very successful company in the Shipping industry. The directors who were also the business owners of the firm have recently undergone a share buyout as one of the business owners was retiring. They requested that they have all their corporate insurance and investment plans reviewed, taking into account […]  Continue reading

Retiring early?

Background Mr P, a divorced male in his mid-50’s, had a number of different pension schemes. Two of these were personal pensions which were invested in diverse portfolios whilst two others were in occupational pensions relating to previous employment from which he had little communication. More importantly, the scheme rules precluded earlier retirement than at […]  Continue reading

Investing for income

Background Freda had been a widow for 4 years. Prior to her husband’s death, they had sold a business and taken a High Street Bank’s advice to invest in Investment Bonds, taking 5% regular withdrawals. Sometime later it was discovered that the monies had been invested incorrectly, not reflecting their attitude to risk, nor had […]  Continue reading

Protecting your estate

Background Luke was a Bridges Engineer for his local council, responsible for the maintenance and repair work of all the bridges in the borough. He was single and had no ties. Following previous advice from his Bank, he had invested in an Individual Savings Account, Investment Bonds and other investments. The Bank had essentially sold […]  Continue reading

Equity release

Background Mr & Mrs J lived in their own home in North Wales. Mr J was 69 years old and wanted to retire, but because he was self-employed he had not paid into a pension plan, nor did he pay the correct National Insurance stamp, so he had no state pension to fall back on. […]  Continue reading

Protecting the family

Background Steve and Alison have two children. Steve was a Police Officer and Alison a Teacher’s Assistant. Following previous advice from their Bank, they had accumulated a variety of financial products from different providers and were unsure whether it all amounted to a plan or not. It was clear that they needed some reliable Independent […]  Continue reading

Cashflow planning

Background Mary and Edward are business owners running a successful Optometrist practice in the heart of the community. They have two children, both still living at home. Their aims are to have the ability to sustain their desired lifestyle both now and in the future using the resources they have available to them. More importantly, […]  Continue reading

Protecting your income

Background John worked as a Printer for a company near Accrington. He was divorced with two children and living on his own. Following previous advice from his Bank he had invested in an Individual Savings Accounts and the odd Investment Bond. The Bank had not however really provided the opportunity to sit down and discuss […]  Continue reading