A warm welcome to Logic Wealth Planning

We think that understanding what you want from life helps you make better financial choices.

Sometimes, it’s not obvious what you want to achieve in life. Everyone looks forward to retirement, makes plans and thinks about holiday villas and new cars. In reality, you need to work out what you need to achieve those dreams. That’s what we’re here for – logical thinking and wise words about money.

We’re all about giving independent wealth planning advice, helping you make intelligent and balanced decisions about your future. We take a holistic approach to your financial planning requirements to ensure that you achieve all of your life goals.

We are diverse, inclusive and determined to offer excellence in everything we do. We start by putting clients at ease. Then we build a relationship, an ongoing financial partnership to support you no matter where life takes you.

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What is the meaning of wealth?

Wealth can easily be mistaken as being all about money alone. But it doesn’t have to be.

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Our people

A business is only as good as it's people and we think we have some of the best.

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What we do

First you’ve got to know where you’re going. Only then can you plan how to get there.

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Client stories

We build long-term relationships with our clients.

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Our why

The thing our clients value most has no price. It’s called peace of mind.

All companies, whatever business they’re in, have a culture that’s particular to them. A goal that they pursue, often to the exclusion of almost anything else.

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Our reputation

In the business of financial planning, it takes 20 years to build a reputation. And five minutes to lose it.

Financial planning and wealth management are activities that have changed enormously in the last ten years.

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We share a wealth of knowledge with our clients and we are happy to share it with you too.

Our library contains a growing selection of documents, guides and brochures to help you to plan your finances.

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Client reviews

It's so important to us that our clients feel happy and satisfied with our service. Asking for honest feedback is a great way for us to measure this.

As reputable, independent professional financial advisers, Logic Wealth Planning have helped many people throughout the Manchester, Bury, Heywood and Cheshire areas. Here's a small selection of client reviews.

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Welcome to our news page!

Here you will find a range of content focused on financial topics from pension planning to mortgages, to charity work and fund raising. We hope you find the articles of interest.

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Sigma House
9 Southgate
Cross Street
Off Green Lane
Greater Manchester
OL10 1ND

Freephone: 0808 1234 321


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