Getting the balance right

Making sure we listen as much as we speak, and remembering we’re like our clients is at the heart of our philosophy. We cut through the maze of technical terms to make planning for the future a much easier and pleasant experience.

Anyone can jump in and ask a thousand questions, and then confuse clients with complicated financial jargon. Not us. That’s not what we’re about. We listen so that we get a more complete picture of our clients’ situation. We can then offer the best possible advice.

Always customer focused

It’s easy to get swept along with new developments in the financial services industry. We talk to professionals each day, and passing our knowledge and expertise to customers requires a very different approach. So we talk to people as though we were a customer.

Delivering outstanding customer service is our benchmark. We have a duty to give the best independent financial advice in a way that people understand. That advice is always clear, concise and jargon-free. Only then can they make important decisions about their life and wealth.

Think like clients

At Logic Wealth Planning, we don’t think we’re special or different from the people we help. We would consider that an unforgivable mistake. In fact, we know that we’re just like our clients, and we too need balanced independent advice in many areas of our lives.

We understand that without our clients a firm like ours doesn’t add up to much. They are the reason we exist, why we constantly strive to improve. That’s why we created a manifesto that maps out our philosophy and motives to best support the people we help, people just like us.