Your Investments after President Trump !

Your Investments after President Trump !

It has finally been decided and in the long awaited results of the US Election, the American public have opted for Donald Trump as their new leader & President. Love him or hate him, the American public see him more as their saviour than Hilary Clinton, a very unexpected result indeed. Or is it a desperate vote for change? It remains to be seen.

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During these changing times, from GREXIT, BREXIT and now TRUMPIT! a great number of individuals would naturally be concerned about the effect on their investments.  The markets are not always as smooth as we would like them to be and there is never such a thing as an easy ride.  Hence the reason to diversify your investments as much as you can and not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification has its benefits but it’s not the complete answer.  Here at Logic Wealth Planning we recommend the team at Architas for some of our clients.

Having a team of experts underpinning the investment process is key. As the climate changes, the outfits will change accordingly to suit the weather conditions and this is exactly Architas’ methodology.  As economies and market conditions change, the Architas team will realign or change their portfolios to suit, thereby creating and embedding a much needed ‘investment shock absorber’ between their portfolios and the markets. This potentially softens the blow when the markets are not performing as well as expected whilst pursuing returns when the markets are bullish.

Architas have a philosophy and methodology to suit a wide range of investment styles. They are well placed as an investment team, having the ability to offer a range of passive, active or a blend of passive and active portfolios to suit a wide range of individual risk appetites.  And during turbulent times, people want the reassurance their money is being looked after and overseen by a team of experts, with their Financial Adviser holding their hand allong the way.

Architas have produced another info-graphic detailing their views on the election and the effects on the different asset classes.