Wise words about money

Trying to understand how to make the most of money, savings and investments can be a minefield. Logic Wealth Planning starts by listening, then we can offer some wise words about money. Here’s how we like to operate…

The Logic Wealth Planning ethos is straightforward: put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, think like them and work hard to understand what they want to achieve in life. Then we will be better placed to offer the right financial advice.

After all, we are like our clients. We have similar concerns, similar aspirations and similar goals.

And let’s face it, everyone has doubts and worries. We set out to address that, listening more than we speak, hopefully reducing anxiety about finances, and offering straightforward explanations about how best to achieve the wealth our clients need to plan for retirement.

Typical investment clients

We don’t like to pigeon-hole people at Logic Wealth Planning. Everyone is different. Those unique characteristics, quirks and habits should be respected. In our book, there are no “typical” clients looking for wise words about money.

Everyone needs to save, and everyone needs to prepare for the future. We are here to support and guide them, whether they are just starting a career, starting a family, ready to retire or already enjoying life after work.

We recognise that things change. Life’s journey is never straightforward. We all need to alter course sometimes, adapt and plot new ways forward.

That’s also true of money, investments and wealth planning. Family commitments change, jobs come and go, business opportunities present themselves, and our health is always a topic to be considered. It all affects how we manage our finances.

Peace of mind

Having confidence in what we do is important. It can dictate how people move forward, make decisions and achieve their goals.

When dealing with complex family finances, investments and pensions it is essential that people feel confident. That’s where we come in.

When people are supported by qualified professionals, they are reassured. They feel comfortable talking, and happy to take advice. It’s called peace of mind. They are content in the knowledge that they are dealing with people who want the right financial outcomes for them.

The Logic Wealth Planning mission

Every day we set out to help people understanding what they want from life. It is the key to making the right decisions, and the best financial choices.

We ask questions and look to guide people in the right direction. We help clients complete the complex life jigsaw that sees many falter, often unsure of how to proceed.

Our mission is making a difference, giving people options and helping them to achieve financial security for themselves and their family.

It could involve mortgages, succession planning for business owners, consolidation of existing investments, pension matters or lifestyle protection. It might involve wills, pre-paid funeral planning or how to fund long-term care.

It’s never too early to start discussing your future financial needs with a trusted partner.

A logical way forward

If you have any preconceived ideas about how the financial services profession works, come and have a chat. Hopefully, we’ll put you at ease and bust any myths.

There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain. Book that first appointment with one of our Financial Advisers, no charge and with no obligation. It’s much more a chance for us to meet you, understand what you hope to achieve from life, your investments, savings and retirement.

Then we can discuss how best we might be able to help you. No fuss. No pressure. Just good independent financial advice.

Call us now on 0808 1234 321 or email info@logic-wp.com and we’ll synchronise those diaries.