Securing your retirement lifestyle

‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ You might say the same about an unplanned retirement.

The insightful quote above was uttered by Socrates over 2,300 years ago. Not following his guidance can leave many people, as they approach the end of their working life, wishing they’d started making the necessary plans earlier. Or made different ones. Without an honest and thorough analysis of your hopes and ambitions, your preparation for retirement can be haphazard and disorganised.

When we first meet clients, we often find a range of different situations. Some may have an assortment of pensions from several different employers, personal pension false-starts and a motley collection of insurance policies. Others may have a strong desire to retire early, without the formal plan to back this up. Even more people we meet may be worried about how exactly their retirement will be funded and if they’ll have the right level of income to ensure they are retired from work, but not retired from life.

Whatever your current situation, we can advise, with complete independence, on what you should do with such schemes going forward and how you can fulfill your retirement dreams, whatever they may be. We will recommend investing in a wide range of investments combining them in ways that take account of your personal attitude to risk and how close you are to retirement. When you get to retirement, whenever that may be, we’ll help to structure your income so that you can make sure you can afford everything you were planning to do in your later years. And by taking care of the more mundane, practical matters, we are often relieving clients of work they’d rather not have to do themselves.

Leaving you free to fry your other fish. As we’ve already pointed out, to make decent financial plans requires one’s life to be examined in some depth. As Socrates himself would surely have agreed, it’s never too early to start.

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