Funding for retirement

Just because you’re planning to retire from work doesn’t mean you’re planning to retire from life.

What a shame it would be to spend thirty-odd years slaving away and yet not have enough money put aside, or sufficient pension, to enjoy your well-deserved retirement. It doesn’t need to be like that.

While it’s true to say the best time to start saving for your retirement is twenty years ago, it’s also true that the second best time is now. At Logic Wealth Planning, we particularly focus on the ‘now’ because with pensions there really is no time to lose.

Whatever your stage of life, we can create a plan for your retirement which includes how you will fund your pension payments and the kind of investments which will be most suitable to generate the pension income you require. By ‘suitable’ we mean that full account must be taken of your personal risk profile which is a combination of three elements:

  • your willingness to take risk, which is your mindset or attitude, to risk
  • your need to take risk, which is determined by how much income or capital you want from the resources you can call on; sometimes known as objective risk and
  • your ability to take risk, also known as your capacity for loss: the most important of the three. For example, if your investments went down in value, how much would a possible loss affect your lifestyle?

We are experienced in helping clients work out their risk profile, which is an absolutely vital step in the investment process. We are also able to advise on budgeting, separating essential expenditure from optional expenditure, identifying assets that can be liquidated and/or policies that can be amalgamated to free up funds to increase the size of your pension pot.

Life is out there, whether you are retired or not. The important thing is to have the resources to enjoy it.

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