What is wealth planning?

Wealth planning isn’t just for millionaires, it’s for everyone. It’s about how you make the best of the assets you own, your income and your investments. Wealth planning ensures that you and your family can look to the future with confidence.

Logic Wealth Planning is a team of independent financial advisers. We’re passionate about helping people find the right path to retirement prosperity. We offer wise words about money so you can make balanced decisions about the investments needed to deliver a comfortable retirement.

Making the right decisions should happen now. Putting the best financial strategy in place, monitoring investments, then amending plans if required. This helps to bring peace of mind for you and your family.

Planning for your future is much more than finances. It’s about taking care of what really matters in every aspect of your life. We ask questions to help everyone understand what is important to you. Then the planning can begin.

A rounded approach to wealth

We always begin by listening. In fact, listening more than we speak is central to what we’re about. We want to understand your needs, ambitions and hopes for the future. What you dream about will help to shape how your wealth plan evolves.

It’s always interesting listening to clients talk about wealth. Many worry they will not have enough. Some think they can put off saving until they are old. A few are blasé about the future and simply hope that things will fall into place.

Our job is to put you in the picture. We will show you how income planning is vital, no matter what you earn. We will highlight how investments can change over time. We will map out what you will probably need to live comfortably many years after you retire. Making sure that you have enough requires careful planning.

Different people, different wealth goals

There are so many reasons why people seek to develop wealth. We’re here to advise whatever your goals and objectives.

Whether it’s to protect your family, enjoy tax efficient savings to maximise your investments, put your estate and inheritance in order so that your family is well provided for, or to simply plan for retirement, we’ll offer impartial and balanced advice.

Control your financial future

Things change over time. Families grow, careers take off, falter or change direction. Incomes rise and fall. That means you must always be open-minded and flexible when it comes to savings and investments.

First of all, it makes sense to save more while earnings are high. However, just as reducing how much you save makes sense to ensure that vital day-to-day expenses can be covered.

We offer advice to cover all of life’s milestones. It’s about preparing for the future and helping you control your financial future.

With a range of partner organisations in place, we can also help with accountancy and legal matters that might impact on your wealth plans. Whatever it takes, we’re ready to act.

Ready for wealth planning?

For us, it always begins by making our clients feel comfortable. There should be trust, confidence and understanding by all involved before any progress can be made.

With many years of experience between us, we’re confident that our approach to wealth planning will put you at ease and equip you to look forward with real peace of mind.

When you need us, we’re ready to chat. Our friendly team is available on 0808 1234 321 (freephone), or why not email info@logic-wp.com and tell us what you’re hoping to achieve.

We can arrange to meet and chat when it’s convenient for you.