Wealth, peace of mind and wellbeing

Like mental health, people in the UK also need to talk more openly about money to boost their wellbeing. The two can be linked, especially when financial worries cause stress and anxiety.

According to mental health organisation MIND, worrying about money can make your mental wellbeing much worse.

Talking to financial organisations can be daunting. That can happen when people feel intimidated because of the complex nature of some products and services.

Discussing issues is always better than bottling things up and putting them off. However, that’s sometimes easier said than done. But if you can make the big step and open up you can achieve peace of mind.

Ultimately, you need to find a balance.

Logic Wealth Planning deals with money, investments, retirement and estate planning. Along the way, we also see how concerned people get when it comes to getting their finances in order.

Life’s challenges keep changing

Sometimes, it feels like we’re all on a hamster’s wheel. Round and round, a never-ending journey with no end in sight.

For many families balancing the monthly budget can feel like that. There’s the mortgage to cover, and the kids always need something. Then there’s the insurance, holidays and running the car that all seem to get more and more costly.

Throw in the unexpected and it can cause more unwanted stress and anxiety.

Maybe, but there’s usually an answer. Before we start helping people to plan the best route forward we look at their cash-flow and budgeting.

What’s coming in, and what’s going out. Understanding your overall position is vital. Do that and we can probably help to map out a way forward.

Our message is don’t panic. The experience of a well-trained, independent financial adviser can provide the stability needed.

Understanding what you need

Our ethos is to listen, and certainly to listen more than we speak.

If during our conversations about wealth planning we pick up on other concerns, we listen some more. Getting things in perspective is essential if we are to be able to really help.

With our guidance, we hope clients can understand the importance of planning. Then, when things crop up like ill health or a job loss, they are better positioned and covered to get through the situation.

Crucially, they will be less likely to panic and worry about money. Measures will be in place to cope with life’s ups and downs.

We can’t promise to solve every problem, but if money and planning finances are causing some of those worries we can certainly offer a few wise words.

The earlier you start planning, the sooner you can put those worries about the future to one side.

Talk to us about balance

Understanding what can be achieved with careful, structured financial planning needs to begin with an informal conversation. You need to feel comfortable. So that’s where we start.

Achieving balance in your life only happens when you look at the bigger picture.

With us, there’s no fuss, no pressure, just a desire to understand what you want to achieve and a commitment to helping you remove any stress associated with financial planning.

Call us now on 0808 1234 321 or email info@logic-wp.com and we’ll start the conversation.