Team golf day

Sometimes, you need to treat the staff. They work hard, they go the extra mile, and that dedication should be reciprocated. So we’re closing the Logic Wealth Planning office for an afternoon in mid-July, getting the golf clubs out, and having drinks and a slap-up meal. There are prizes to recognise another year of fabulous achievements…

Events like this bring people together. It’s teambuilding with a social setting as the backdrop. An easy way to see a different side of your colleagues’ characters, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy financial services office.

For an afternoon there are no client appointments. It’s time to relax, an event to remember, something to talk about over the coming months. We’re hoping that everyone unwinds, develops stronger bonds and enjoys time together in an informal setting.

Office bragging rights

It’s no secret that most of Logic Wealth Planning’s team enjoys a round of golf. This time the venue is Rossendale Golf Club, a stunning location in the heart of beautiful Lancashire countryside. Established in 1903, and the eighteen-hole course presents challenges that will test even the best of the firm’s golfers.

They are a competitive lot. There will be a series of additional challenges as the players move from hole to hole, and prizes for those who emerge victorious. Of course, we’ll never hear the end of it from the winners when we return to the Logic Wealth Planning office.

To golf or not to golf?

Still, some still maintain that golf ruins a good walk. Not everyone loves the fairways, challenging greens and inevitable sandy bunkers. We know that. So there’s always drinks and chat to be had back at the clubhouse for those who’d rather take things easy while the others are slogging their way around the course.

You can even sit on the balcony overlooking the 18th green and await the players… the perfect way to enjoy early evening on a warm summer’s day.

Then it’s drinks and food, more chat and a few unexpected prizes. It’s all taking shape to be a wonderful wind-down in a lovely setting. There will be photos aplenty posted to our social media feeds, plus news of the champion golfers who are sure to want some publicity…