Raising funds for Zack

Alex Petsas – one of Logic Wealth Planning’s long standing clients – made us aware recently of the story of a little boy called Zack who was born with cerebral palsy due to having been starved of oxygen at birth. Alex himself has a son called Alexander who has Downs Syndrome, so he is only too aware of the special support which Zack and his family are needing, particularly since this condition has left Zack with stiff limbs and unable to walk, with the prospect of being unable to lead a full active life as he gets older.

Whilst medical treatment is available and it could make all the difference to Zack’s life, sadly it’s not offered on the NHS. Not to be deterred by this however Zack’s mum Andrea Fielding has embarked on an extensive programme of fund raising to help raise enough money to pay privately for her son to have the treatment he needs and ultimately to enable him to walk and enjoy a full and active life.

Pictured here from left to right is Alex and his son Alexander, and Zack with his mum Andrea.

raising funds for zach

Here at Logic Wealth Planning many of us are parents and feel truly humbled by this story, and it reminds us how much we take our children’s health for granted. We think that Andrea’s determination to help her son is absolutely remarkable particularly since she’s personally pledged to taking a Charity Sky Dive herself as part of this campaign.

Every donation is vital to helping this little boy walk again and here at Logic Wealth Planning we’re making our own donation to Zack’s fund. If you too would like to contribute – and every donation is vital however large or small – you’ll find the ‘Just Giving’ link below to enable you to do this.


We’d like to wish Andrea and everyone taking an active part in this campaign, much success in raising the funds needed to help Zack to walk.