Our reputation

In the business of financial planning, it takes 20 years to build a reputation. And five minutes to lose it.

Financial planning and wealth management are activities that have changed enormously in the last ten years. The industry is now highly regulated, advisors have to be properly qualified and the salesmen and wide-boys have largely been sent packing.

As reputable, independent professional financial planners, we have helped many people throughout the Manchester, Bury, Heywood and Cheshire areas however we are not going to promise to turn your nest-egg into a mega-fortune. We are definitely not in the ‘Midas Touch’ business! Thanks, in the main, to clients nowadays being much better informed, any financial planner who dared to make such grandiose claims would become a laughing stock, leaving their reputation in tatters.

The most we can promise you is that by working with us and following our prudent and rational financial strategies, you will be able to exercise real control over your future. If that results in you looking forward to a tomorrow that’s brighter, happier and more secure than it might otherwise have been, then we can feel we’ve done a decent job and lived up to the reputation we’ve spent so much time building.

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