Yianni Theodorou

Managing Director and Financial Planner

Yianni is the owner of Logic Wealth Planning and has been an Independent Financial Adviser for over 27 years.

Yianni is passionate about what he does. He is in the industry because he wants to make a difference to people’s lives by listening to the client at every step and delivering more than expected along the way. This was Yianni’s vision when he set up Logic Wealth Planning in 2005, and since then it has continued to provide a pre-eminent service to a growing clientele, resulting in continued business expansion and growth.

Yianni believes there should always be a firm emphasis on the client and not just simply selling a product. This plays out in the clients’ journey at Logic Wealth Planning where the client is placed centre stage of the entire process.

Yianni originally qualified as a Civil and Structural Engineer before his career in Financial Services. His analytical grounding as an Engineer has greatly assisted him as a Financial Adviser. He believes that designing structures from the ground up as a concept has similarities to building a Financial Plan for a client.

Yianni comments “You start with your own personal design which are goals and aspirations. The next stage is building your Financial Plan. Having a good solid foundation is key. Unexpected events can sometimes conspire against you, hence why it’s so important to test your plan against life’s uncertainties along the way”.

Yianni’s focus on customer service is without question and his wealth of experience here stems from holding previous positions in the retail and hospitality sector. It’s his firm belief that it’s his customer focussed team of staff who happily go the extra mile to give help and advice, together with many very satisfied and appreciative long-standing clients, which have together combined to make this a thriving and successful growing business.

Yianni and his long-term partner have a son, and in his spare time he tries to play golf – the emphasis on the word try! There is also a rumour he was once a Ballroom Dance Teacher. You can ask him the question personally!

Although Yianni was born in London his family roots are Greek Cypriot and he tries to get to Cyprus whenever he can.