Mark Persechino

Financial Planner

As a Financial Planner, Mark believes that offering holistic financial advice is crucial to creating a bespoke financial plan that’s aligned with a client’s needs and goals. In order to create a tailored financial plan, he believes it’s essential to form a close professional relationship, one which is built upon trust, openness and transparency. It’s also important that regular reviews take place to ensure that any changes in circumstances, as the client moves through life, are reflected within their financial plan to make sure that objectives remain firmly on target.

When he joined Logic Wealth Planning, Mark brought over 20 years’ experience and expertise in holistic financial planning.  He’s always worked in the North West and advised clients from all walks of life within his financial services career.

The life of a Financial Planner is a busy and demanding role, where meeting clients and really getting to know and understand their objectives is paramount to enabling him to create and deliver a personalised financial plan. He enjoys being in an industry where – by forming close relationships with clients – this allows him to use his expertise to make recommendations which will make a real difference to their lives. He places great emphasis on always providing the help and advice that clients need and not simply selling a product or a policy.

Mark is married with two older children and lives in the Northwest. Despite a busy ‘day job’ he still enjoys keeping busy in his spare time, and after totally renovating and modernising his home, he’s currently working on transforming his garden. In his  leisure time he also enjoys all kinds of sports and fondly recalls the marathon he ran in Anglesey, which was an uphill challenge all the way!! He’s also been involved in Youth Football for a number of years, fulfilling the role as trainer/coach. Mark enjoys travelling and has happy memories of taking two years out to explore Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Bali to name just a few destinations.

A little-known fact about Mark is that he’s a proficient cook, with his speciality dish being Seafood Linguine which he enjoys best with a good bottle of wine and some great company.