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As the cost of living crisis continues, and political uncertainty lies ahead, now is a smart time to take stock of your finances.    Continue reading

Parents say personal finance is a more important life skill than maths for schoolchildren

59% of parents place personal finance above maths and digital skills – second only to literacy. Despite 96% saying personal finance education is important, 84% say their child hasn’t received any. This comes as Nationwide reaches 100,000 schoolchildren with its Money Lessons programme  Continue reading

Financial planning for single women: what you must consider

Financial planning is important because it helps you understand your current financial situation, establish future goals, and determine the best ways to achieve them.  Continue reading

How do I understand my payslip?

As you start work and get your first payslip for a new job, you may feel embarrassed to say you don’t understand what all the different sections refer to, what each means and if its correct.  Continue reading

7 in 10 holidaymakers ‘bust their budget on most recent trip abroad’

ome people said they had felt ‘ripped off’ by prices for excursions, attractions and meals and drink, according to Post Office Travel Money.  Continue reading

Home Truths

With the base rate hitting a 15-year high in 2023, it’s been a tough time for mortgage borrowers – but experts say there is hope on the horizon.  Continue reading

“We needed pension advice – fast!”

In this case study, the Brandses got a rude surprise when they were aged 74 and had to make an important decision at speed – which is how an independent financial adviser came to find an ideal solution.  Continue reading

To serve and protect

Partly due to myths and misinformation, only 47% of Britons have some form of protection insurance. Yet it is affordable – and can be vital.  Continue reading

‘I was struggling with £40,000 debt – these steps have changed my life’

Kelly said a weight “has been lifted” off her shoulders, and urges anyone in a similar position to seek similar help.  Continue reading

With a little help from my friends

Here are some details of a surprising new trend in home ownership in the UK from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.   Continue reading

What next? Retirement plans for SME owners

Financial advice helped Andy Saunders use business tax efficiently to prepare for more relaxing times ahead. Here’s what he learned :  Continue reading

What are workplace pensions?

Workplace pension schemes are run by employers. Over time, contributions to your workplace pension scheme make up your pension pot. These contributions come from you (taken directly from your wages) and your employer.  Continue reading

10 Ways to Prepare your Home for Selling

When you come to sell your house, it’s vital to present it in its best light. Here’s how to do it.  Continue reading

Inheritance tax (IHT) planning advice guide

You can’t live forever – but you can help your loved ones inherit as much of your wealth as possible. If your total assets are over the inheritance tax (IHT) threshold, your family may have to pay a bill soon after your death. But with advance inheritance tax planning and advice, you can keep that bill to a minimum.  Continue reading

Seven HMRC scams threatening your finances this summer – and how to spot them.

Finance expert Gary Hemming has provided his insight and his top tips for navigating the potential pitfalls to some of the most common HMRC scams you need to be aware of this summer as well as how to protect yourself.  Continue reading

Smart tax for small businesses

For entrepreneurs, seeking expert advice is the surest way to get a clearer view of complex rules  Continue reading

Your feedback matters

Here at Logic Wealth Planning, our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service is at the heart of everything we do.   Continue reading

Registrations for lasting power of attorney have hit a record high – do you need one?

A lasting power of attorney can be used to appoint a loved one to help with important financial and medical decisions. We explain when you should consider getting support.  Continue reading

The top 20 places to retire in the UK

‘Where should I retire?’ is closely related to the question ‘What shall I do when I retire?’ and even ‘When and why should I retire?’ It all depends on your vision of retirement. Are you planning on spending lots of time with family? Are you going to turn suddenly into an ‘old person’ or will you simply be ‘Me, but with more free time’?  Continue reading

Your second marriage – do you need financial advice?

Marriage, divorce and a pending second marriage can cause family finances to get more convoluted than usual. Blended families and merged finances can work really well, as long as you take some time to get organised before you remarry.  Continue reading