New Year, new website

Out with the old and in with the new, they say, and Logic Wealth Planning has certainly done that. For us it’s a New Year, new website with a fresh look and some great images.

If you have followed the link from social media you have landed on our revamped pages. Welcome!

Something that’s very important to us is our approach to wealth planning. Our philosophy is all about getting the balance right, always being customer focused, and of course thinking like clients.

It’s that simple, but getting it right is vital to a successful relationship with our clients. We wanted to make sure this was reflected by our website.

We also wanted to give people a good idea about how we operate, and how we approach giving independent financial advice.

Hopefully, our new-look website is just the start. We think it reflects who we are and what we set out to achieve.

Easy to use functionality

Navigating some websites can be tricky. You know what you want but you just can’t find it.

We set out with our designers to create a site that looks good, tells visitors about the company and guides them around the sections they want to explore.

You can find out exactly how we can help you, see what we do to give you the best possible advice, or check out the team. We don’t bite!  

Crucially, we have a menu option that lets you see all of the page links at once. Just hover over the ‘MENU’ function on the list above and watch everything appear. Now that’s handy.

A wealth of information

Don’t worry, we’ve kept the extensive news and library sections that both featured on the old Logic Wealth Planning website.

What we have done is remove a few older pieces that might not be relevant, organised the documents into easy-to-find sections, and included items that you tell us are important to you.

Of course, we’ll be adding more as and when required. If fresh topics crop up, or certain products are in the news, we’ll make sure that you have the details you want.

If you need any other information or you’d like to speak with one of our independent advisers, please call 0808 1234 321 or to arrange a convenient time to chat. Like our new-look website, we’ll always give you a warm welcome to Logic Wealth Planning.