Life and wealth planning the logical way  

Understanding what you want from life is the key to making the best financial choices. Investments should reflect your most deeply-held values but also suit your risk profile. That’s where a firm that asks questions, listens and understands can help. Welcome to Logic Wealth Planning…

For some time advisors at Logic have started conversations with clients by asking a question; the 24-hour question.

The idea is simple. Although it might initially sound rather dramatic, the purpose of the exercise is to imagine that you only have 24 hours to live. It’s a time to reflect, to look back on your life and ponder things you have done – and also things that you might not have managed to accomplish.

What the question might trigger is an ambition to do more, to bring forward a retirement date, or encourage you to make different uses of your existing financial assets. It’s all about making you think, putting your life’s jigsaw pieces in place and understanding what still needs to be completed.

As well as wanting to learn a new language, spend more time with the family and go greener with a luscious vegetable plot, you might want to invest in an electric car, take more luxury cruises, and maybe complete more community and charitable work instead of remaining in full-time employment.

Guess what? To achieve any of the above will require planning.

Depending on your stage of life, we’ll work hard to provide the best possible advice to empower you to make those important decisions. It might involve mortgages, financial and succession planning for business owners, consolidation of existing investments, pension considerations and lifestyle protection.

Looking further ahead, it might involve writing a will, pre-paid funeral planning and the funding of long-term care fees. It’s never too early to start talking about your future financial needs.

The next step to financial security

If we can help you map out your journey, the next step is for us to become financial planners. That’s what we do best, and Logic’s experienced team can offer a range of services to enable you to achieve dreams and enjoy financial independence.

There’s no short-term fix, so our ethos has always been based upon long-term partnerships and strong, trusted relationships.

Making sure that you fully understand what you hope to achieve in life is important to us. There’s no rush, no pressure to sign up to investments, and no panic to get everything arranged in one sitting. If it takes two, three or four meetings to develop your life plan, then we’re happy to invest that time with you.

So, if you know where you’re heading in life why not give us a call and we’ll help you get the best out of your investments.

If you’re still unsure, maybe that 24-hour question might help. That and a coffee, friendly chat… and we might even throw in a biscuit! We’re probably a bit different from the norm, but we think that’s the logical way to go about wealth planning.

Your first appointment with a Financial Adviser is entirely without charge and with no obligation. It’s much more a chance for us to meet you and chat about how we might be able to help you. So call us now on 0808 1234 321 – we look forward to hearing from you (and yes, the kettle’s always on!)