Investments during uncertain times

Logic Wealth Planning balanced approach to money

The latest government announcements about handling the Coronavirus have forced many of us to rethink how we go about our day-to-day lives. The turbulence in global financial markets has already caused panic and investors around the world have been reacting.

Our message to Logic Wealth Planning clients is to remain calm. As discussed during our meetings when we assessed risk and we planned and put investment portfolios together, the financial markets are always going to rise and fall. That’s a fact of life.

Recent months have seen unprecedented fluctuations such as Brexit, global trade disputes and most recently Covid-19 virus concerns, which have caused markets to change dramatically each day. When we build cashflow models for our clients, we always take into account the possibility of stock market dips along the way.

A balanced approach to investments

Taking a balanced and well-diversified approach has never been so relevant. Your investments were designed for the medium to long-term and should never be viewed as a short-term strategy.

Our work with professional investment managers means that we can offer important guidance. Logic Wealth Planning has teamed up with Architas to offer advice that helps investors look at the bigger picture.

We’ve posted a guide to Investing in volatile markets and information on the impact of Coronavirus can be found in the Covid-19 What does it mean for my investments? document in the library section of our new-look website.

When you watch markets changing by large amounts each day, it is perfectly normal to be concerned; however, nobody can avoid the news about share prices and predictions about the economy. It’s natural to worry; we all like certainty and stability.

Working with Logic Wealth Planning, you benefit from a diverse and balanced portfolio of investments and we believe that making hasty changes now is not the answer. We have complete faith in the portfolios that we have recommended and would urge you to sit tight and remain confident. History tells us that the markets will come back from this excessive downturn quickly and strongly.

How to contact us

During these unprecedented times, we are following the advice of the Government and medical professionals and will therefore cease face to face meetings until further notice.

We remain, however, at your disposal to provide you with all of the advice, information and assistance you may require throughout this difficult period. We will continue to conduct our meetings where possible via Telephone, WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype for the time being and remain contactable by e-mail.

Thank you for your understanding.  
Yianni Theodorou, Managing Director, Logic Wealth Planning Limited