Investing during uncertain times

Financial markets rising and falling is a fact of life. As additional political, economic and health factors come into play, investing during uncertain times can be increasingly challenging.

The last twelve months have seen unprecedented fluctuations as Brexit, global trade disputes and, most recently, virus concerns have caused markets to go up and down at short notice.

Volatile conditions exist when there are a series of short-term changes in the value of investments. This causes concern as people worry about the value of their investments now and in the future. 

However, reacting to such changes can lead to further panic. This doesn’t help the situation. Volatility is part of any period of investment and taking a balanced and long-term approach has never been so relevant.

Logic Wealth Planning has teamed up with Architas to offer information that helps investors look at the bigger picture.

We’ve posted a guide to Investing in volatile markets in the library section of our new-look website HERE.

How does COVID-19 affect investors?

The news surrounding the coronavirus has been as intense as the Brexit debate, if not more so. People are very concerned – about their health, general wellbeing and their investments.

When you watch markets falling by large amounts each day it’s natural to worry. People like certainty and stability.

The important thing to remember about virus outbreaks is that financial markets have a history of bouncing back.

The best advice has always been to keep a diverse and balanced portfolio of investments. To achieve that it’s important to be equipped with up-to-date knowledge and access to professionals who can give the guidance you need.

Further details can be found in Covid-19 What does it mean for my investments?, a document that has also been posted in our library section. Please take a read HERE

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