Identify your goals, and then feed that dream

Buy Now – Pay Later’, ‘Interest Free’, ‘0% Credit’ – we live in a world where consumption is key, debt is the social norm and ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ is a full-time hobby.

So any message to save now and spend later is counter-cultural, especially for younger generations. However the best way to save for the long-term is to identify the future lifestyle you desire.

Even financially savvy people can struggle to balance their current financial needs with the future promise of a more comfortable retirement. And when you add pressures of the economic downturn, stock market volatility, the costs of getting onto the housing ladder or raising children, and pessimism that the Government will allow tax efficient savings to remain untouched, many suffer a paralysis of analysis. They can’t work out what’s best to do, so they do nothing.

idenitfy your goals image

Its only when the ‘future’ self is brought into the present that people begin to value savings, investments and pensions. What is the lifestyle that they want to have in the future? And what do they need to do to get there? The cost of a cappuccino every day from your favourite barista can eventually accumulate into a holiday, a car, a deposit on a house or an early retirement. Identify the goal, and then feed that dream.

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