Logic Wealth Planning welcomes members and guests of The Manchester Golf Club

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Your pension savings are probably sitting there accruing a nice rate of interest, but if they just had a little bit more work done on them – a little bit more practice – could they be doing even more? Working harder for your retirement, a time when we all look forward to becoming professional golfers for a few years.

We think that, after many years of practice ourselves, we could help your pension to do more.

Whether you are already retired, approaching retirement or just starting to save for your future, we can provide the help that your pension needs to work wonders for you.

We’re so confident in fact, that we are offering all members and guests of The Manchester Golf Club a free pensions health check, delivered completely at our cost.

To arrange your health check and put your pension in for some much-needed practice, just get in touch via the form below and make sure you mention where you first saw us.

We look forward to speaking with you about your pension (but also about how difficult the 15th can be) in the very near future.

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