What are YOUR Financial priorities?

What are YOUR Financial priorities ?

The British are proactive about managing their finances and set long- term financial goals. However managing their debt is a high priority and confidence in being able to pay these off is a higher priority than longer term saving and investing objectives.

A recent survey sampled the views of over 27,000 people in 20 countries, all aged between 25 years and 74 years old . Within this 2,000 were UK residents. The results give us an indication of the current attitude towards saving and investing. How closely do these match your priorities ?

Financial Priorities

The survey asked –
‘Which of the following are your financial priorities ? ‘

The results were as follows –
• 84% said ‘Paying off the mortgage on my home’
• 70% said ‘Paying off credit cards and other debts’
• 68% said ‘Growing my wealth’
• 64% said ‘Saving money’
• 61% said ‘Saving and investing for the future’

Here at Logic Wealth Planning, many of our clients mirror the results of the survey and with the help and guidance of our Financial Advisers can find a stress-free way to dealing with these issues.


Source – Blackrock Investor Pulse was conducted with Cicero Group in Aug 2014