Emergency First Aid at Work

First Aid is something many of us take for granted until an accident happens. In the office environment, it’s essential that some (if not all) team members understand how to react when an emergency crops up.

The well-being of employees should not be overlooked. Even minor injuries, aches and strains can affect the smooth running of a business. A staff member’s good health is of paramount importance. When the unexpected happens, having people within the company who can act immediately while a doctor or the ambulance service is en route could, quite literally, save lives.

Logic Wealth Planning works hard to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable at work. We are a good employer. But you can’t stand still. Recently, two team members took part in a one-day course entitled EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work). It was delivered by the Rochdale Occupational Health Service.

Accidents don’t happen in financial planning offices!

Providing pension advice, helping clients to invest towards retirement and arranging business mortgages doesn’t sound like a setting full of hazards. True, but accidents can happen anywhere. Trips and falls, bangs to the head and trapped fingers – often minor injuries but unpleasant and likely to cause shock.

The ROHS strapline is “Providing HealthCare in the Workplace”. The module is designed to give training in emergency first aid. It is suited to nominated first aiders in low-risk working environments like our office. That’s perfect for an SME (small-to-medium sized business) like Logic Wealth Planning.

Morgan and Lindsey attended and were really impressed with the course content, how it was delivered, and how hands-on it was.

Morgan said: “We used a defibrillator and learned how to locate the nearest one in an emergency. We performed CPR on a dummy, which was strange, but you can understand how getting the technique right is important to keep someone alive.

“We learned how to treat burns, bruises, grazes, and even how to pack a bleeding artery! It was surprising how easily some simple steps and understanding can save someone’s life, such as lifting their chin to open the airway.”

Lindsey was full of praise. “I’m really glad we attended. The day was varied and interactive. It was fun and enjoyable, but we learnt a lot.

“Our tutor was called Dave. He was quite a character and very experienced. He mixed lots of facts and learning with anecdotes and humour. I would really recommend his style.

“We were also taught how important it is to ensure that the office’s First Aid Box contains minimum contents. We now understand how each item is used, and we have since ordered a new one as we realised ours was inadequate!”

A first aid course worth attending

Hazel Welch (Office Manager at Logic Wealth Planning) said: “We take Health and Safety very seriously. It’s vital that we have staff who are adequately trained to deal with simple accidents in the office.

“Lindsey and Morgan are great candidates as our First Aiders. They are very enthusiastic and willing to learn.

“We’re really pleased they enjoyed the day. They got a lot out of it. We would like to thank Rochdale Occupational Health Service Ltd. The training was second to none. We would recommend them to others wanting this type of training.”

The office is now in very safe hands…

For more information about the excellent Rochdale Occupational Health Service and the courses available, please visit their website www.rohs.co.uk