Doulla did the Vertical Rush for SHELTER

Doulla did the Vertical Rush for SHELTER !

We’re delighted to announce that on Thursday 09March 2017, our good friend Doulla from Doullally Design (Logic Wealth Planning’s Graphic Designer), along with a few energetic friends, successfully completed the Vertical Rush by powering up Tower 42.

What is Tower 42 ?

  • Tower 42 was London’s first skyscraper, standing magnificently at 600 feet above the City.
  • It boasts 42 floors and that’s a massive 932 steps !!
  • The Vertical Rush challenges people to race to the top, raising much needed funds for Shelter.
  • And it’s definitely not for the faint hearted!

Doulla loves a challenge and this isn’t the first time that she’s raised money for charity

This time her focus was on SHELTER, an excellent charity who have spent the last 50 years giving vital support to millions of people who have struggled with bad housing or fought homelessness as well as campaigning tirelessly to make housing more affordable, renting fairer and homelessness a thing of the past. Since 150 families become homeless EACH DAY in the UK, and well over 250,000 people are homeless RIGHT NOW, Doulla wanted to do her bit to raise some money for this very worthy cause.

Did Doulla complete the Rush ?

The great news is that Doulla successfully completed the Vertical Rush in just over 10 minutes and this is her description of the day

‘I did it! It was ridiculously tough and gruelling, but I’m so chuffed that I made it to the top in one piece. It was so much harder than anticipated, even with the training I had done in recent months – and just as much a mental challenge as it was physical. For me, reaching the halfway point was quite hard, as I knew that I had to do it all again to make it to the top! It took me 10 minutes and 52 seconds, but the cause was worth every minute. The views were stunning when I got to the top, and it helped that it was a beautiful, sunny day in London!’

Doulla’s challenge raised over £500 in donations to Shelter !

Here at Logic we were delighted to make our own donation to her JustGiving fund. If you’d like to make a donation please visit the following link

We’d like to offer our huge congratulations to Doulla and her friends for completing such a gruelling challenge, and WELL DONE DOULLA FOR RAISING SO MUCH MONEY!

If you’d like to know more about Shelter’s great work, please visit their website

Doulla did the Vertical Rush for SHELTER !

Doulla did the Vertical Rush for SHELTER !