Connor Lynch is boxing his way to success!

If you live in or around Greater Manchester and have an interest in boxing, the chances are you’ll have heard the name of an up-and-coming professional boxer called Connor ‘Lightning’ Lynch. 

Connor Lynch from Middleton, was born into a family who already had a big passion for boxing. Thanks to the encouragement of his dad and with the support of his uncle who owned Middleton Select ABC, a boxing club in Langley, a very young Connor aged just 5 years old developed an early interest in boxing. This meant that for much of his childhood he enjoyed regular fitness training under the mentorship of professional coaches and alongside other youngsters from within the local community who like him enjoyed being active, spending time in the gym and were looking to develop their boxing skills. 

By his early teens things had moved on for Connor and he was busy clocking up over 70 fights as a junior amateur, becoming North West Champion 3 times and often beating similarly talented young boxers in the 15-17 years age group who would eventually go on to box for England. 

Unfortunately however just as things were going so well, by his mid-teens Connor found himself badly distracted by other interests and he gave up boxing entirely, drifting away to focus more on his social life and spend more time with friends. Sadly this led him to mix with the wrong people, make mistakes, discover drugs and alcohol, run up debt and generally get himself into all sorts of trouble. On reflection Connor now acknowledges he had taken the wrong pathway and without having the interest and discipline he’d enjoyed for many years with boxing, feels this is not an uncommon situation for bored teenagers to fall into. 

But life changed yet again however when Connor was aged 18 and his father fell so seriously ill that it led him to entirely rethink the direction he was going in, and after having a lightbulb moment he took the decision to stop mixing with all the wrong people and return to boxing immediately. This was a major turning point for Connor and looking back he says this was the best thing he ever did. At this point he joined a boxing club in Heywood who were impressed with his skills, he was firmly back on track, and by the age of 20 he finally became a professional.

Fast forward to 2024 and Connor is now aged 26 and boxing professionally at welter weight. Nowadays he is entirely focused and driven to work hard on his boxing and progress his career, training with Marvin Greaves at Team Greaves boxing gym in Chadderton, and with Kevin Maree as his manager.

As a professional Connor fights every few months so his focus on training, fitness and keeping healthy is relentless. His last fight was in Oldham in June 2024 which he won, and this became his latest victory in 13 consecutive undefeated professional wins. It’s a fantastic record but the pressure continues and he says “The training has been intense and I’m more determined than ever to deliver a career best performance.”

Inevitably becoming a professional also means Connor is self employed, so he continually needs to look for personal and corporate sponsorship, to help him to meet his overheads and expenses. Here at Logic Wealth Planning this is how we came across Connor and because we were so impressed with his story, we have been delighted to provide some sponsorship to him and you’ll notice our company logo on his shorts, in the photo above. 

As we ended our interview we asked Connor to tell us more about how boxing has changed him and how in many ways how it saved his life.

“I would be more than happy for you to mention the lifestyle I previously had when I was younger as we all make mistakes and learn from them. Boxing has changed me and steered me down the right path in life. I know it also saved a lot of other people from going down the wrong road as you have to be in the gym all the time and dedicated in your own zone. I believe that boxing does keep people from leading a negative lifestyle and in my case I feel that by having strong focus and determination it has made me more career driven and kept me on the right track. “

Here at Logic we think this is a great success story, illustrating how somebody who was in danger of taking entirely the wrong path in life, managed to turn it around and is now focused on creating a successful career for himself thanks to hard work, discipline and dedication to his sport. That’s an achievement we really admire and we’d like to wish Connor continuing success in his career. 



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