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How to reduce IHT liabilities

Gifting: How to reduce IHT liabilities Moving £10,000 out an individual’s estate could save their heirs £4,000 in tax. One of the easiest ways to reduce a future inheritance tax (IHT) liability is for individuals to give wealth away during their lifetime. Gifting can be an effective way of saving individuals’ heirs a significant IHT...

Why Will and Power of Attorney Matter

Will and Power of Attorney In 2014, approximately 60% of people who died in the UK did not write a will – meaning that they had no control over how their assets were distributed. Many people mistakenly believe that their relatives can distribute their assets as they think fit. However, without a will in place,...

New pension death options

New pension death options Less tax and more choice! The new pension benefits rules will have individuals giving more thought on how they can provide a legacy from their remaining pension pot. The changes from 6 April will see pension pots become far more inheritable than ever before. But prompt action may be needed to ensure...

Pension death benefits

Pension death benefits Individuals hoping to leave a flexible legacy to family members from their pension need to check that they have everything in place to make that happen. Trying to achieve this after they have died may be impossible if stuck in a pension scheme which doesn’t offer the new freedoms, or with an...

Update on the Rules of Intestacy

Update on the Rules of Intestacy Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Act 2014 simplifies the rules of intestacy in England and Wales whilst also updating some restrictive trustee powers. Where a person dies without making a Will In this situation the distribution of their estate will become subject to the statutory rules of intestacy which can...

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