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Profit extraction – Dividends & Pensions

The tricky business of profit extraction – Dividends & Pensions The dividend changes will strengthen the case for business owners using pension contributions to extract profits from their company tax efficiently. Many directors of small and medium sized companies may be facing an increased tax bill next year as a result of how dividends will...

How the 2015-2016 PIP rules work

2015-2016 PIP Rules. The Pension Input Period (PIPs) rules are to be simplified so that all pension funding is measured across the tax year from 6 April 2016. Aligning all PIP with the tax year makes it much easier for the vast majority of individuals to understand how much they can pay into their pension...

Your top ten Budget questions answered

The Budget and Finance Bill have seen a significant surge in the number of queries we’ve been receiving. This special Budget Insight takes a look at your top ten questions to us and how this might affect your clients and the future advice they may need. Top ten Budget questions answered:- Hot topics have included;...

2016 annual allowance cut for high earners

Pensions – 2016 annual allowance cut for high earners – a window of opportunity? Some high income individuals will face a cut in the amount of tax-efficient pension saving they can enjoy from 6 April 2016. This might be the trigger to maximise pension funding this tax year for individuals likely to be affected now...

2016 PIP changes give 2 bites at the AA cherry

2016 PIP changes gives two bites at the AA cherry The move to simplify the pension input period (PIP) rules potentially gives some individuals two bites at the annual allowance (AA) cherry this tax year. Not everyone will benefit, but some individuals will have an extra AA of up to £40k to use before 6 April 2016....

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