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Protecting Your Family

Many people start a life policy when they take out a mortgage or start a family and think no more about it. However, life assurance can be combined with other cover, so as well as providing a lump sum on your death, you can also protect against loss of income due to unemployment, accident or critical...

Critical Illness can strike at any time

Critical Illness can strike at any time Vitally important though it is to have ample protection for your family in the statistically unlikely but always possible event of premature death, life cover alone is not a complete financial shield. A serious illness could, for instance, leave you unable to continue earning a living for a while, or even permanently. How worried should you...

Income Protection – Can you afford NOT to be covered?

According to the Department for Work and Pensions, 32% of all households have no savings, putting them at risk if illness or injury should strike. What is income protection insurance ? These policies are designed to pay out if you’re not able to work and earn money due to illness or injury , and in...

How strong is that safety net? Life Assurance

Life Assurance – do you have enough? We all want to look after the ones we love. So how do you provide that financial safety net, designed to catch your nearest and dearest in tough times ? If you’re the main breadwinner, you have a responsibility to ensure that your family is protected should you...

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