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Independent Financial Advice – How can we help you

Independent Financial Advice – How can we help you ? If you haven’t used the services of an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) before, here are some more details of who we are, what we do and the kind of help we can give you.  Based in Heywood, Greater Manchester, Logic Wealth Planning was set up...

Protection policies for women

Protection policies for women – 48per cent of working women have no protection policy in place Recent research has revealed the following – A big gap between the number of working women supporting their families financially and the level of protection they have in place, should the worst happen. That more than half of working women...

Surviving financially after the death of a loved one

Surviving financially after the death of a loved one Breavement is a sad and difficult time for families, and it can be made much worse if the surviving partner is left to cope with money worries. Regular bills like mortgage payments can often be a heavy financial burden if they have to come from one...

Life Insurance – how can you keep it simple?

It may be one of those jobs you’ve been meaning to tick off your to-do list for a while. Life Insurance sounds complex so how can you keep it simple? Don’t delay – making sure your dependants are provided for should anything happen to you, must be a financial planning priority. The statistics indicate that...

Life Insurance – An ongoing need for cover?

Life insurance is becoming a widely accepted insurance for the young. Most of those with small children, a mortgage or both, where dependants would be unable to pay the bills on their own, know its value. It is one of those ‘just in case’ purchases that we don’t really want to face but which is...

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