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Relaxation of the block transfer rules

Relaxation of the Block Transfer Rules The Finance Act became law on the 17th July 2014 and formally brings in some changes to pensions that we’ve known about since the Budget, such as: Increases to the trivial commutation and small pots limits, Increase in the GAD limit, and Reduction in the minimum income requirement for...

Business owners and pension flexibility

Business owners and pension flexibility Business owners looking to extract surplus profits from their business will be looking forward to April’s new pension income flexibility. Not only will pension funding remain the most tax efficient way to extract profits, but those funds will also become far more accessible than ever before. Allowable contributions have the...

Pension transfer opportunity

Pension transfer opportunity The new pension freedoms are almost here, but some individuals may be locked in to outdated contracts for fear of missing out on pre A­-Day tax free cash entitlements. And that means their retirement income options may be limited. Help may be at hand for some individuals which will allow them to...

The Hook, The Hustle, The Truth – Pension Liberation

Pension Liberation The Hook, The Hustle, The Truth sounds more like a Hollywood heist blockbuster than a campaign from the government’s pensions advice body. But such is the level of concern that fraudsters and scam artists will target pensioners from April, when accessing cash will be much easier, that the industry is making its warnings...

10 Good Reasons to Pay into a Pension before April 2015

10 Good Reasons to Pay into a Pension before April 2015 There are less than three months to go before the new pension freedom becomes reality. With the legislation now in place, the run up to April is time to start planning in earnest to ensure you make the most of your pension savings. To...

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