The danger of stopping pension contributions

Increased pressure on personal and household budgets often leads to cutbacks. However, the danger of stopping pension contributions should never be underestimated.  Continue reading

Thirty somethings want to retire early

According to recent research, many thirty somethings want to retire early. That’s a great ambition, but with so many factors to consider is this a realistic option for Millennials…   Continue reading

Don’t lose sight of pension goals

Have you managed to keep a cool head during the roller-coaster stock market ride of 2020? It’s never easy, but as retirement approaches it’s important that you don’t lose sight of pension goals.  Continue reading

Should you draw cash from a pension now?

People who have saved into pension funds in the UK have the option to draw income from the age of 55. In the current uncertain financial climate, should you draw cash from a pension now?   Continue reading

Managing multiple investments

Holding a diverse portfolio is recommended by most financial advisers, but when it comes to managing a range of different investments it makes sense to work with one adviser team.  Continue reading

Make time for those big decisions

With shops and businesses starting up again, and some children back in school, life is returning to normal. With that comes old pressures. Make time for those big decisions, and yourself.  Continue reading

Is the pension triple-lock at risk?

Supporting people and businesses during the coronavirus pandemic comes at a cost – a huge cost. It will have to be repaid, but what will be affected? Some people ask is the pension triple-lock at risk.  Continue reading

The problem with Generation X

Different age groups attract a variety of labels, often sounding like film titles. However, the problem with Generation X has more to do with money than the movies…  Continue reading

What are the magic retirement numbers?

Whether it is deciding at what age to finish work or how much you need to save into a pension, we all ask what are the magic retirement numbers?  Continue reading

Use an adviser for better pensions

We all like the idea of DIY, but when it comes to complex financial decisions the stakes are high. Use an adviser for better pensions so you can enjoy peace of mind in retirement.  Continue reading

Will a state pension be enough?

Have I saved enough, can I take a lump sum and is my retirement guaranteed are all good questions. Another one is will a state pension be enough?  Continue reading

Pensions for the self-employed

People putting money aside for retirement is increasingly important as countries find it harder to support ageing populations. Setting up pensions for the self-employed should be a priority.   Continue reading

Don’t fall into the pension pay gap

Pay equality has been addressed in recent years but retirement income is often overlooked. It’s vital that women don’t fall into the pension pay gap that affects them much more than men.   Continue reading

Don’t rush pension decisions

A steady income during retirement is important, but so too is making the right decisions when you are presented with complex financial options. The best advice is don’t rush pension decisions.  Continue reading

Tread VERY carefully with final salary pensions

Final salary pensions, also known as defined benefit (DB) pensions, are post-retirement benefits based on a person’s salary at retirement. Holders of such pensions are advised to tread very carefully when enticed by offers to move their funds elsewhere.  Continue reading

The good news about pensions

Yes, there really is good news about pensions. That’s despite Brexit and the other issues that face the UK economy and its savers. There are tax breaks, an increased Lifetime Allowance and flexible options.  Continue reading

Will banning nuisance calls stop pension scammers?

The UK government has now banned nuisance calls, texts and emails relating to pensions. People of retirement age have been warned to remain on their guard for pension scammers.  Continue reading

Why are women’s pensions still less than men’s?

In November 2018 the age that men and women collect their state pensions was equalised. Both are now eligible from the age of 65. But coupled with private pensions, the sexes are far from financially equal.  Continue reading

Who are the sandwich generation?

Saving for your own retirement is hard enough, but what happens when you’re still supporting children and elderly parents? You are probably part of the growing sandwich generation.  Continue reading

Don’t let pension scammers win

The pension freedoms introduced by the UK government in 2015 have given millions of retirees greater flexibility with their money. Sadly, without the right advice some have seen scammers take their pensions.  Continue reading