Get in shape for 2020

The second month of any year is usually a time for reflection. Are the New Year resolutions still going strong? Whether it’s physical or financial, we should all get in shape for 2020.  Continue reading

Protecting your estate

Everyone thinks about saving, investing and buying a house, but protecting your estate is rarely on the agenda. It should be considered as we plan what will happen to our wealth.   Continue reading

The Logic philosophy

Helping people understand what they want from life and money is central to the Logic philosophy. We ask questions and listen to our clients so we can offer wise words about money.   Continue reading

Taking retirement income

When you consider accessing your pension pot there are many things to consider. Taking retirement income requires careful planning to make sure you have all financial bases covered.   Continue reading

New Year, new website

Out with the old and in with the new, they say, and Logic Wealth Planning has certainly done that. For us it’s a New Year, new website with a fresh look and some great images.   Continue reading

Are Millennials saving enough?

How much money should you put aside each month to provide a good income in the future? With a growing population and uncertain economic conditions, we ask are millennials saving enough?  Continue reading

Planning family finances

You’ve found the perfect partner, bought or rented that first home and maybe started a family, but never take planning family finances for granted. Things can change – quickly!  Continue reading

Christmas & New Year at Logic Wealth Planning

The Logic Wealth Planning office closes between Christmas and New Year, but we always respond to urgent enquiries. Here’s our contact details for the festive period…  Continue reading

Consider equity release carefully

Using the cash value held in your home sounds appealing but you should always consider equity release carefully. Meeting immediate needs is one thing, but don’t forget the years to come.  Continue reading

Good, independent advice

Logic Wealth Planning works hard to give good, independent advice to clients. Operating in full compliance with the laws and regulations which govern the Financial Services industry helps us achieve that.  Continue reading

Great reviews show client confidence

Logic Wealth Planning is delighted to announce that Managing Director Yianni Theodorou has met the qualification criteria for the 2020 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Advisers, distributed in The Times.  Continue reading

Last chance for Help to Buy ISA

First-time buyers of the future need to be quick if they want to benefit from a £3,000 bonus towards purchasing a property. The last chance for Help to Buy ISA applications is Saturday 30th November 2019.  Continue reading

Confidence in your financial goals

Money affects people in different ways, whether that’s balancing the monthly budget or investing in the right products. Having confidence in your financial goals can make things easier.  Continue reading

Let’s talk about money

Money and wealth are rarely discussed enough, and that stores up problems for the future. Let’s talk about money and educate people from a young age.  Continue reading

Investing in Infrastructure

How the economy operates affects everyone. Investing in infrastructure is essential, giving the country a firm base from which to grow. We all contribute, in different ways.  Continue reading

Financial fitness ahead of Christmas

We all focus on festive preparations at this time of year. However, don’t get carried away. Financial fitness ahead of Christmas is important. Tips to stay in shape…  Continue reading

A comfortable retirement

Enjoying a comfortable retirement is everyone’s dream, but the many factors that affect this goal mean that people need to save more than ever to cover costs as we all live longer.  Continue reading

Why do women save less?

Women have often lagged behind men when it comes to savings and involvement with investment decisions. But why do they save less and reach retirement so far behind male counterparts?  Continue reading

Retirement fund for kids

The early bird catches the worm, and that’s certainly true of savings. Starting a retirement fund for kids after they are born will help to generate a pension pot that supports them in later life.  Continue reading

Golf fundraiser for Caudwell Children

Golfers from Logic Wealth Planning travelled to Spain recently to join celebrities and sports stars to take part in a golf fundraiser for Caudwell Children.  Continue reading