Logic celebrates International Women’s Day

Logic celebrates International Women’s Day   These days, women can achieve anything men can – in sport, business, socially and during retirement. It wasn’t always that way. International Women’s Day celebrates the progress made, but calls for continued action to achieve gender parity in all aspects of life. International Women’s Day has been marked for over […]  Continue reading

Keeping your Pension Plan on Track 

 Keeping your Pension Plan on Track   – Is Your Pension Plan on Track ? The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) has come up with a suggestion to help people keep their pension plans on track. It’s called for savings targets to be put in place to help individuals save enough for a good pension for their […]  Continue reading

Personal Finances – so what are your weak spots?

No matter what age you are it’s likely you have a weak spot when it comes to Personal Finances. In fact, it’s pretty much inevitable, no one’s financial armour is infallible. What steps can you take to shore up your defences? MONEY’S TOO TIGHT TO MENTION Younger people are often struggling to save, let alone contribute towards […]  Continue reading

Not married to your partner ?

Not married to your partner ? Why it may make financial sense to get hitched!  What you NEED to know about money if you’re not married to your partner Increasing numbers of couples are choosing to live together as if they are married, without ever actually tying the knot. Millions buy homes together, have children together, […]  Continue reading

Independent Financial Advice – How can we help you

Independent Financial Advice – How can we help you ? If you haven’t used the services of an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) before, here are some more details of who we are, what we do and the kind of help we can give you.  Based in Heywood, Greater Manchester, Logic Wealth Planning was set up […]  Continue reading

5 top financial tips for new parents

5 top financial tips for new parents When your bundle of joy arrives financial matters might not be at the top of your list of priorities, but with a new or expanding family, it’s best to get your finances in order. Here are five tips for new parents. 1) Protection– It’s never nice to think […]  Continue reading

Junior ISA – Should you opt for Cash or Stocks and Shares ?

Junior ISA – Should you opt for Cash or Stocks and Shares ? Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISAs) are a great way to build up savings tax-efficiently for a child under 18 living in the UK. Your child can have a Junior cash ISA, a Junior stocks and shares ISA or a mixture of both and […]  Continue reading

The Rules of the Lifetime ISA as it stands

The Rules of  the Lifetime ISA as it stands :- Much has been theorised about the Lifetime ISA since it was announced. The questions is, will LISA be beneficial or not to savers? Following the initial announcement of LISA  an updated technical note was published on 15 September 2016. This followed detailed discussions with the […]  Continue reading

Who makes the financial decisions in your house?

Research from leading market research company, Mintel (1) underlines the role women play in influencing important financial decisions made for the family. Proving what many households already knew to be true, that women hold the purse strings, more than 84% of mums surveyed say they typically have influence when it comes to making financial decisions […]  Continue reading

What does your Teenager know about Personal Finance?

In recent years secondary schools have been required to teach pupils how to manage their personal finances. – Lessons in ‘financial mathematics’, covering problems such as percentage changes and calculating interest, are now included in the national curriculum. – Within their citizenship classes, pupils are learning how public money is spent as well as how […]  Continue reading

LISA – a new arrival to the tax planning family

The new Lifetime ISA has created more choice when saving for retirement. Rather than act as a pension replacement, the new Lifetime ISA will offer additional tax relieved savings for young savers – to save for their first home or as a top up to their pension saving. But there’s a danger that some of […]  Continue reading

Inheriting an ISA Allowance from your spouse

Under changes in the rules introduced in April 2015 – You can inherit an ISA (Individual Savings Account) from your spouse and retain the tax benefits. Approximately 150,000 married ISA holders die each year so this change will benefit spouses or civil partners by increasing the amount that they can save by extending the tax advantages of […]  Continue reading

The 2016 Budget at a glance

George Osborne presented his April 2016 Budget as a “Budget for future generations”.     Here’s the 2016 Budget at a glance – the main points are summarised below.   Income Taxes Personal allowance to increase to £11,500 in 2017/18 Higher rate tax threshold to increase to £45,000 from 2017/18 Class 2 NICs for self-employed […]  Continue reading

ISA Allowance on Death – Additional Permitted Subscription

Introduction Since 3 December 2014, where a person holding an ISA dies and that person was married or in a civil partnership, the surviving spouse/civil partner is entitled to an extra ISA allowance equal to the value of the ISA(s) held by their spouse/civil partner (even where the spouse/civil partner does not actually inherit the […]  Continue reading

The cost of kitting out the kids

Moving from primary to secondary school can be a very exciting time for a child, and, based on research from high street chain John Lewis, it can be an expensive time for parents. The retailer added up the cost of providing for a child’s first year at secondary school. They included new school uniform, books, stationery, […]  Continue reading

Pension or ISA ?

Pension or ISA ? It is folly for a man to pray to the gods for that which he has the power to obtain by himself – Epicurus Accepted logic is, for savings where access is required before age 55 ISA’s are a great option, but with pension freedom upon us and unlimited access pensions […]  Continue reading

Road test: Pension v ISA

Pension v ISA We’ve put the ‘all new’ 2015 pension and the recently modified NISA, head to head to see which will come out top in our 0 – £60k performance shoot-out and which one is the best-in-class family friendly model. Pensions and ISA compared According to HMRC 45% of savers in stocks and shares […]  Continue reading

ISA changes for surviving spouses and civil partners

ISA changes for surviving spouses and civil partners HMRC is consulting until 20 February 2015 on draft regulations to provide an additional ISA allowance for the spouse or civil partner of an ISA saver who dies on or after 3 December 2014. The allowance will be equal to the value of the deceased person’s ISA […]  Continue reading

Get wiser with ISAs

A bigger and more flexible ISA allowance is great news. Reaping maximum benefit from it is another matter. If you want to stop throwing away unnecessary tax, then follow the seven pillars of ISA wisdom. Today’s fun statistic: if we all could use all our ISA allowances this year, then as a nation we’d save […]  Continue reading