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Thinking of relocating when you retire?

A study has named picturesque Devon the top UK retirement location, with the county’s residents said to be most likely to experience a ‘happy and healthy’ life post-employment. The research, which took into account crime rate, life expectancy and access to healthcare, saw Devon beat the neighbouring county of Dorset to the top spot, with...

When should you start saving for your child?

Is there a ‘right’ time to begin putting away money for your child’s future? It’s no secret that having a child can put a serious strain on your finances. The average cost of raising a child to the age of 21 is now £229,251, which translates to approximately £11,000 each year, and £910 every month....

Who makes the financial decisions in your house?

Research from leading market research company, Mintel (1) underlines the role women play in influencing important financial decisions made for the family. Proving what many households already knew to be true, that women hold the purse strings, more than 84% of mums surveyed say they typically have influence when it comes to making financial decisions...

What does your Teenager know about Personal Finance?

In recent years secondary schools have been required to teach pupils how to manage their personal finances. – Lessons in ‘financial mathematics’, covering problems such as percentage changes and calculating interest, are now included in the national curriculum. – Within their citizenship classes, pupils are learning how public money is spent as well as how...

BREXIT – the result! Is it as bad as you think?

BREXIT – the result! Is it as bad as you think? The UK has voted to leave the European Union by a margin of 52% to 48%. Although opinion polls had narrowed during the final few weeks of the campaign, financial markets had been broadly positioned for ‘remain’ given the lead in bookmakers’ odds. The...

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