Will Brexit derail Pension Freedoms ?

Will Brexit derail Pension Freedoms ? With the vote to leave the EU creating  uncertainty in  many quarters, some experts have questioned whether pension tax relief and the reforms introduced in April 2015 might come under the spotlight and be subject to change. The view put forward is that if the government and new prime minister […]  Continue reading

Brexit – in the run up to the referendum

Brexit – what does it mean to your investments? Nobody is confident they know what the result of the EU referendum is likely to be on 23rd June and we won’t find out until the day after polling closes. This lack of predictability is causing uncertainty in markets and generating confusing headlines from bookies and pollsters, […]  Continue reading

The 2016 Budget at a glance

George Osborne presented his April 2016 Budget as a “Budget for future generations”.     Here’s the 2016 Budget at a glance – the main points are summarised below.   Income Taxes Personal allowance to increase to £11,500 in 2017/18 Higher rate tax threshold to increase to £45,000 from 2017/18 Class 2 NICs for self-employed […]  Continue reading

What are YOUR Financial priorities?

What are YOUR Financial priorities ? The British are proactive about managing their finances and set long- term financial goals. However managing their debt is a high priority and confidence in being able to pay these off is a higher priority than longer term saving and investing objectives. A recent survey sampled the views of […]  Continue reading

Scandalous Skatbank !

Scandalous Skatbank ! Deutsche Skatbank will charge customers with more than €½M on deposit a negative interest rate of 0.25% or punishment interest [as the Germans call it] for keeping cash in the bank, from the 1st November 2014. In the upside down world we live in, this is wealth confiscation by another name and […]  Continue reading