Planning to retire in 2021?

Whether you had always been planning to retire this year, or COVID-19 has forced your hand, it’s never too late to get organised. We believe that retirement is something to be looked forward to after a lifetime of hard work – so don’t let it be overshadowed by financial concerns. We can help you quantify […]  Continue reading

Personal Finances – so what are your weak spots?

No matter what age you are it’s likely you have a weak spot when it comes to Personal Finances. In fact, it’s pretty much inevitable, no one’s financial armour is infallible. What steps can you take to shore up your defences? MONEY’S TOO TIGHT TO MENTION Younger people are often struggling to save, let alone contribute towards […]  Continue reading

Adviser clients are better off in retirement

Adviser clients are better off in retirement Clients of financial advisers can hope to be almost 39% a year better off in retirement. This is compared to those who opt to take financial decisions by themselves according to research by Dunstan Thomas. A survey by the firm found adviser clients could on average hope for a […]  Continue reading

Annuities – Where are we now ?

Annuities – Where are we now ? When the ground-breaking pension changes were introduced in April 2015, many experts believed that they signalled the demise of the annuity. Media attention focused on the fact that under the changes no-one would be forced to buy an annuity.  So it was hardly surprising that sales of annuities fell markedly […]  Continue reading

Planning a Pension? – What mistakes should you avoid?

It’s easy to think that if you have a pension, you can forget all about it until it’s time to retire. However, regular reviews with your Financial Adviser aim to help you enjoy a more financially comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid as they could be costly in the […]  Continue reading

What’s the truth about annuities?

“Let me be clear: no one will ever have to buy an annuity again” (George Osborne, Budget speech, 19th March 2014†).   This was a watershed moment for retirement income planning, as people can now draw down as much as they want from their pension pot from the age of 55. However it is worth noting that no-one […]  Continue reading

The Future Of Annuities

Pension freedom is now with us, and with it, the flexibility for us to choose what we do with our pension ‘pot’ at retirement – spend it, use it for an income, leave it invested, or take any combination of all three (1). What does this mean for annuities? Long a staple product for retirees, […]  Continue reading

Life after annuities

Annuities have never attracted as many newspaper headlines as they have recently. First the review by the industry regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, reported in Feb 2014 that – as many critics had thought for years – most people weren’t getting best value from their incumbent pension provider and would be better off shopping around. […]  Continue reading