What are YOUR Financial priorities?

What are YOUR Financial priorities ? The British are proactive about managing their finances and set long- term financial goals. However managing their debt is a high priority and confidence in being able to pay these off is a higher priority than longer term saving and investing objectives. A recent survey sampled the views of […]  Continue reading

Reduce your Financial Fear and Plan Ahead

Reduce your Financial Fear and Plan Ahead With the counselling organisation, Relate, reporting one of the biggest causes of stress as worry about finances, this could be a good time to reduce your stress levels by reviewing your financial plans. Here are some steps you can take to help you get your finances into good […]  Continue reading

Income Protection – Can you afford NOT to be covered?

According to the Department for Work and Pensions, 32% of all households have no savings, putting them at risk if illness or injury should strike. What is income protection insurance ? These policies are designed to pay out if you’re not able to work and earn money due to illness or injury , and in […]  Continue reading

10 Good Reasons to Pay into a Pension before April 2015

10 Good Reasons to Pay into a Pension before April 2015 There are less than three months to go before the new pension freedom becomes reality. With the legislation now in place, the run up to April is time to start planning in earnest to ensure you make the most of your pension savings. To […]  Continue reading

NISAs – nice and simple does it

NISAs have found favour with savers, with a record £4.9bn going into cash NISAs in July 2014 according to the British Bankers’ Association. So what’s changed? •     The annual allowance from 1 July 2014 is £15,000 – a big jump •     More choice – you can put up £15,000 in either […]  Continue reading

Is it worth marrying for money ?

Is it worth marrying for money ? Most of us marry for love, but tying the knot still brings financial advantages too. It’s commonly believed that co-habitees have the same rights as married couples but in fact this isn’t the case. The Government plans to introduce a married person’s tax break in April 2015. Rather […]  Continue reading

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages Putting your money in bricks and mortar has long been championed as one of the soundest investments around and with a combination of lower commercial property prices and interest rates, the same could be true for a growing number of SMEs. What are the Pros and Cons of Commercial Mortgages? Those looking for a place to […]  Continue reading

Downsizing in retirement

Downsizing in retirement With property prices continuing to make headlines, many people nearing retirement are contemplating the financial advantages of downsizing to a smaller property. Moving somewhere smaller can slash household running costs such as heating bills and council tax. And if you end up with spare cash you can invest tax efficiently to augment […]  Continue reading

Are you due a Financial MOT?

Financial MOT Whilst we regularly service our cars, we don’t always pay attention to our money. Are your finances in good shape? Or are they in need of a tune-up? If you’re not sure about the diagnosis, it’s time to get a financial health check. Are you getting the best mortgage deal? It’s worth reviewing […]  Continue reading