What adds the most value to a house?

UK homeowners have had their say on what features add the most value to a home.

When going through the process of selling a home, there are a plethora of tactics and strategies that people utilise in an attempt to make their property seem more appealing to a prospective buyer.


From attempting to brighten up a dreary utility room with a fresh coat of paint to brewing coffee and baking fresh bread in a bid to ensnare the would-be homeowner via their nostrils, people will go to great lengths to ensure their home sells in double-quick time.

But what do UK homeowners really believe adds the most financial value to a home during the selling process? Well, that’s exactly what eMoov’s latest research project, which collated the opinions of 1,000 UK homeowners, set out to discover.

The results

1. A spare bedroom (25%)
2. Outside space (19%)
3. A garage (16%)
4. En-suite in the main bedroom (13%)
5. A car parking space (11%)
6. Local amenities (5%)
7. Strong internet connection (4%)
8. Strong mobile phone signal (3%)
9. Good community atmosphere (2%)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one in four respondents believe a spare bedroom is the most beneficial asset when attempting to sell a house, while almost one in five regard an outside space as the most attractive feature.

Arguably the standout result of the survey is that people regard good phone signal and internet connection as more important than a pleasant community atmosphere, with only 1 in 50 indicating that hospitable neighbours would be a deciding factor during the purchase of a home.

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Vouched For – May 2016